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This is a list of some known Wikitravel mirrors, with comments on their implementation.

  • - A manual fork from Wikitravel Content. Wiki style travel guides (with categorization, Google Map and Flickr Integration). Also integrates with: Flights Searches, Restaurant Reviews, and Travel Mashups. Provides XML Data Dump of Guides. Ads supported. License notification on footer and attribution linked to a separate page.

  • - A fast copy with random travel link at the bottom page, hotel reservation near table of content menu. Providing hard link to wikitravel and other sites, can't edit it.
  • - Wikitravel snapshot with guide books links and a related Flickr photostream import. Ads supported. License notification and attribution are OK.
  • - Provides location based travel guides using Google Maps integration. License notification on top of page and attribution to authors at the bottom of each travel guide.

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