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Wikitravel:How to add an image

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Not sure, how do you add an image?

Maybe you have to go to Upload.

You do. And maybe you should know a little about the

Checking for existing images and uploading

When you want to add an image to a page, first you will need to see if an appropriate image Special:imagelist|, and, if it doesn't, Special:Upload| the file.

Use the form on that page to upload new image files. On most browsers, you will see a "Browse..." button, which will bring up your operating system's standard file open dialog. You must check the box affirming that you are not violating any copyrights by uploading the file. Press the "Upload" button to finish the upload. (This may take some time if you have a slow internet connection.)

Please name your files descriptively to avoid confusion.

Image rules

In general, images should conform to the rules listed below, but check out the Special:Image_policy| for more details.

-copyleft compliant (original work is best, but exceptions exist; see copyright details)

-low bandwidth means small page equals good. caring? be sparing

-External images should not be used; they can be linked to, however.

-Save photographs as JPEG; save maps, text, and "graphics" as PNG.

-Images should fit on a standard A4 or 8-1/2x11 page of paper. The smallest dimension of an image should be <250 pixels (excepting things like maps), <100kB total size, and preferably <50kB.

-People in photos equals bad, unless they've got good or no clothes. (Note: you must get authorization from human subjects of photos to publish the images.)

Adding image to page

Once you've uploaded or found your image, to insert it in a page you will need to use a link in the form [[image.file.jpg]] or [[image:file.png|alt text]].

This is text to the right, I mean left. BurningMan-2003.jpg

BurningMan-2003.jpgThis is text to the right. Isn't it nice text. I wonder how it will wrap? Will it start at the top corner of the image, or the middle, or the bottom. What excitement! Yes, sarcasm is the cheap trick of those who have very little to say. Thank you So Much for pointing that out. Another bad joke. The absence of white space.

What about alignment, borders, etc?

Shall I plug gimp?

Quick and dirty gimp

The gimp is a fairly powerful image editing tool that is free and available on almost all platforms. You can read more about and find out where to download it here.

For basic photo editing, you will need to know the following:

1) To scale (change the size in pixels) an image, right-click on the image, browse the menu to "Image>>Scale Image..." and enter the appropriate information in the dialog box (remember to make sure that the aspect ratio is locked (i.e. x=y, or x/y=1)). 2) To rotate, right-click on the image, browse the menu to "Image>>Rotate" 3) To change the format (or just to save in general), right-click on the image, and go to "Save" or "Save as". By default, the gimp does not come with the ability to save images as GIF because of copyright issues, but you can convert GIFs to other formats.

Do I get to use anything in the tool-box?

So you've noticed that big square box with lots of fun toys that I'm not going to explain. If you want to make your own graphics or just learn more, your best bet is reading Grokking the Gimp. It's available online, or you can buy the book. That said, if you want to crop an image, click on the icon that looks like a small exacto knife, select the area you want to keep, and click "Crop".

I messed up! (But I haven't saved yet)

A word to the wise, "ctrl-z". The gimp will, by default, store the last five changes you've made to an image. If you hit crop a little too hastily, hit "ctrl-z", or right-click on the image and go to "Edit>>Undo".