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Voronezh Oblast : Voronezh
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'''Ramon castle''' of Princess Oldenburgskaya.
'''Ramon castle''' of Princess Oldenburgskaya.
'''Divnogorye''' reserve and cultural landscape.
'''Divnogorye''' reserve and cultural landscape (competed for [[Seven Wonders of Russia]]).
'''Zadonsk''' (an Orthodox pilgrimage destination: monastery and more).
'''Zadonsk''' (an Orthodox pilgrimage destination: monastery and more).

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Voronezh[1] is a city in Voronezh Oblast, near the Ukraine border. It is located on the Voronezh river and is an important railway junction with lines to Moscow, Rostov-on-Don and Kiev. Due to its relatively large population (ca. 850.000), it is often considered as the capital of Chernozemye.


Get in

By plane

Voronezh airport is relatively small, but it has international flights to Munich, Prague, Baku, Yerevan etc, which are mainly provided by Polet Airlines.

By train

Many trains to and from Moscow every day. The most suitable option is a night train: no. 25 or 81/83. You can also travel to and from other Russian and Ukranian cities. The main station is Voronezh 1, but most of the trains going to the south via Voronezh stop only at Pridacha station, which has marshrutka connection with the city centre.

By bus

The cost of the bus from Moscow is approximately the same as the cheapest train ticket (and the latter provides more comfortable travel conditions). You can catch a bus to Voronezh near Moscow Paveletskaya train station. In Voronezh the bus stops near Pyramide (Pamyatnik) and terminates near Voronezh 1 train station.

By car

Voronezh is about 500km south of Moscow on the M4 motorway.

Get around

The public transport includes buses, marshrutkas and a small quantity of trolley-buses and trams. A funny option is the yellow buses Народный маршрут (Folk´s route). It costs nothing, and the network covers most of the city, but they are very rare.


Prospekt Revolyutsii, or simply Prospekt (a Russian word for avenue) is the epicenter of Voronezh's life. It has many beautiful and/or historical buildings, including the former Hotel Bristol.

The monument Kitten from Lizyukova street.

The Cathedral (still under construction, but impressive from exterior, it is topped by probably the largest cross in Europe; surrounded by a fence with Soviet symbols).

The office of South-Eastern Railways (SERW), in Russian: YU-VE-ZHE-DE.

The Lenin Square.

The park Koltsovskiy skver.

Monuments to such writers and poets as Koltsov, Nikitin, Mandelshtam, Esenin, Pushkin, Platonov, Bunin; to Lenin and tsar Peter the Great.

The Admiralteyskaya square with the old church where Peter the Great baptized his ships.

Akatov women's monastery.

Various Orthodox churches.


Visit the Puppet Theater and the Kamerny (Russian for "chamber") Theatre.


The shopping centers include Rossiya (good for buying souvenirs), Tvoy Dom, Metro, Moskovskiy Prospekt, Armada, Solnechnyy Ray, Petrovskiy Passage, Aksioma.

Souvenirs can also be bought on Prospekt (e.g. in Liki Voronezha shop). Apart from matryoshkas etc., a good local one is the Kitten from Lizyukova street.


You can find an appropriate restaurant or fast-food, but (if you don't eat everything) it requires some time. If you need a supermarket in the center of the city, you may go to the Soviet style Utyuzhok, modern Poisk shopping center or Tsentrtorg supermarket in the midway between Utyuzhok and SERW.


Fair vodka is produced in Voronezh and the small city of Buturlinovka. The local beer is not very good. Some grapes grow in the area, but there is no wine industry, some people make small amounts of home wine.


2* - 5* hotels are available.

Park Inn 5* - Art Hotel 5* (in the centre) - Yar 4* - Petrovskiy Passage 4* (in the centre) - Sputnik 3* - Rossiya 3* (in the centre) - Faraon 3* - Premium Hotel 3* - Brno 3* (in the centre)


Get out

Ramon castle of Princess Oldenburgskaya.

Divnogorye reserve and cultural landscape (competed for Seven Wonders of Russia).

Zadonsk (an Orthodox pilgrimage destination: monastery and more).

Khrenovoe stables.

Kostenki, plenty of cultural remains of modern humans up to 50000 years old!

Voronezh reserve (beavers etc.).

Earl Venevitinov Estate.

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