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“Jack of all Trades”

Cabinet maker, builder, English teacher- adult education at the Volkshochschule Munich, Germany, Ticketing and Reservations Egypt Air Munich Office, tour organizer, Crepe King and Caterer, retired DJ and webmaster among other talents!!.

Started the website: http://www.zanzibarmagic.com as a hobby 7 odd years ago!!

I speak English natively and Kiswahili fluently, and speak German to some extent.

Originally from “Bongo”- Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, mixed Tanzanian/German, grew up in the UK.

Currently trying to implement the Botanic Country Resort http://www.botanicresortzanzibar.com

Zanzibar Magic also plans to go into natural herbal alternative medicine, seems like health is the future.

Some places I have traveled to:

   * Norway
   * Holland
   * France
   * Italy
   * Egypt
   * Kenya
   * Uganda 
   * U.A.E
   * Austria 
   * Germany
   * Zanzibar
   * Tanzania
   * UK



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