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* [[Bhopal]]
* [[Bhopal]]
* [[Gwalior]]
* [[Gwalior]]
== Done ==
* [[Istanbul to New Delhi over land]]

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Yann de Wikipédia. ;o)

I am from the French Alps, very near the city of Geneva (Switzerland) where I worked a long time as computer consultant and system administrator. See also my web site at http://www.forget-me.net/.

I have traveled extensively in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, England, Ireland, Spain, and of course France) and South-Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal). I even made the trip from Europe to India (and back) by road, using local transport along the way, crossing Turkey, Iran.

I have already lived about 5 years in South-Asia, mainly in India, where I have learnt Hindi. I am now resident in Bhopal, where I work with Ekta Parishad as project coordinator for a alternative tourism in rural areas.





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