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(my favorite photos)
(my favorite photos)
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[[Image:Backhill.jpg|thumb|300px|[[Berneray|Backhill, just after dawn]] [[Scotland]]. Credit: [[User talk:Jkirriemuir]]].]]
[[Image:Backhill.jpg|thumb|300px|[[Berneray|Backhill, just after dawn]] [[Scotland]]. Credit: [[User talk:Jkirriemuir]]].]]

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Hi. I'm Upamanyu Mallik and I live in New Delhi, India. I'm 13 yrs old. I recently joined wikitravel and i think it's a great online travel guide. My mom and dad say that the articles are swell and that the star articles beat Lonely Planet any day!!

So three cheers for wikitravel !!!

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Current/completed articles


Hi, I'm docent for India, Delhi and Calcutta. Feel free to e-mail your queries (write "WIKITRAVEL" in the subject) or post a message on my user-talk page.

Places I've been to


My favorite photos

Other wikitravellers I like/appreciate

  • Ravikiran Rao - a really nice person who helps me a lot
  • Cacahuate - another nice guy who's just returned to LA after spending a year in my country
  • Jani - really makes top-class contributions and is quite a linguist (see his babel)
  • Windhorse - haven't figured out his real name yet!!!

Travel plans

This page is where I do my planning. I try to look up good places to go to, what to do there, where to stay. After I'm finalized, I take advise from a docent (See wikitravel:Docents) / another website and pack my bag!



Destination Docents

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