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*[[Wikitravel:Article templates |templates]]
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*[[Wikitravel:Restaurant listings |Restaurants]]
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Revision as of 23:00, 11 November 2003

Well, although admittedly not extensively traveled, I have been several places around the world. Mexico(Yucatan,Baja),Japan(cities only),Brazil(Santos,Guaruja) and road tripped the hell out of Southern California(Death Valley, Mojave, 'the 395'), Pacific Coast Highway(from San Diego to Oregon) and parts of Arizona. Oh yeah, can(t) forget my time in New York (Long Island).

Im pretty much running point on this for a couple of friends of mine that have much more extensive experience on the road than i do. However, I will place a couple things here and there just to get momentum started on an area.

Well thats it for now. Nothing too compelling coming out of my fingers so its time to click around.




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