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(Tafelberg Reef)
(Own Photos for Cape Peninsula and False Bay dive sites)
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===Tivoli Pinnacle===
<gallery widths="200px" perrow="5">
Image:Bank steenbras at north Tivoli pinnacle P6056502.JPG
Image:Strawberry anemones at Tivoli Pinnacle P6056487.JPG
Image:Reef invertebrates at Tivoli Pinnacle P6056491.JPG
===Tony's Reef===
===Tony's Reef===

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Own Photos for Cape Peninsula and False Bay dive sites[edit]

Tafelberg Deep[edit]

Tafelberg Reef[edit]

Three Anchor Bay[edit]

Tivoli Pinnacle[edit]

Tony's Reef[edit]

Transvaal wreck[edit]

Treasure wreck[edit]

Troglodyte's Cove[edit]

Two Oceans Aquarium[edit]

SS Umhlali wreck[edit]


Vulcan Rock[edit]

Whale Rock[edit]


Whittle Rock[edit]

Windmill Beach[edit]



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