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Reef types of the Cape Peninsula and False Bay[edit]

Geological types[edit]

Peninsula Granite reefs[edit]

Simonstown reefs[edit]
  • Shoreline reefs from Seaforth to Smits Reef and maybe Batsata Rock
  • Offshore reefs from Seal Island to Whittle Rock to Bellows Rock, York Shoal?
Oudekraal reefs[edit]
  • Shoreline reefs and offshore reefs from contact zone at Bantry Bay to Tafelberg Reef

Table Mountain Sandstone reefs[edit]

Steenbras reefs[edit]
  • Shoreline reefs of Gordon's Bay lookout point to Kogelbaai
  • Offshore reefs of Steenbras Ridge?
  • Rocky Bank?
  • East Shoal?
  • Shoreline reefs from Klippiesbaai to Hangklip?
Scarborough reefs[edit]
  • Shoreline reefs from Noordhoek to Cape of Good Hope?
Kalk Bay reefs[edit]
  • Muizenberg to Long Beach, Simon's Town (Glencairn?)
Buffels Bay reefs[edit]
  • Inshore reefs from Smitswinkel Bay to Cape Point?

Tygerberg formation reefs[edit]

Gordon's Bay reefs[edit]
  • Shoreline reefs from Strand to Gordon's Bay
  • Shoreline reefs of Blousteen
Green Point reefs[edit]
  • Shoreline and offshore reefs from contact zone at Bantry Bay northwards.



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