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Expatriate Canadian living in China, plan to stay in Asia indefinitely. I've lived in Zhuhai, Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Nanjing, and now Shanghai.

I am also Pashley on Sensei's Library [1] the Wiki about the game of Go, though I'm a weak player. I'm registered on Wikipedia, but almost never edit there; the Great Firewall sometimes blocks it. I'm more active on Citizendium [2].

Most of my contributions here are in Asia. Back in the 70s, I travelled Istanbul to New Delhi over land. I've also lived and worked in Iran, Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

I've listed myself as a docent for various areas I have lived in. Contact me via my talk page or email.

Lately, I mostly work as an English teacher. At other times, I've been a hacker, doing more-or-less every computer job at one time or another, mainly training and technical writing. My last project was documentation for FreeS/WAN [3], a Linux implementation of IPsec.

A friend runs a rather good China tour agency and I sometimes help out there with web things.

Retirement page

Hello Pashley! Your retirement page is fantastic! Thanks for creating the page. I'll try to add to it if I think of anything. BTW, I'm also in China. SONORAMA 07:43, 11 June 2011 (EDT)