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Do feel free to correct any spelling or grammar mistake in this page (I know I have quite a few, I just don't know where they are)


Was born in Boston during my father studying in MIT. I don't have many memories from the U.S. since my parents decided to go back to Israel when I was two months old. I got the citizenship though.. Most of my childhood was in Rehovot. A very nice and peaceful town not a little southern from Tel-Aviv.


At the age of twenty one, I went on a trip to central America. I didn't mean it to last so long but eventually I traveled for a year and a half. In one particularly charming place, named, I spent four months learning.


I've studied for my first degree in computer science at the Ben Gurion University in Beer-Sheeva, Israel. Those were probably the best years of my life. The university might not be one of the leading research institutes in Israel but it is a great place to study in. Very open minded and with a rich social life. I suspect that it will be a leading university in the future. After finishing my first degree, I continued for a second degree in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. This was much less fun. I don't know if it is because of the university or because it was not a first degree anymore. Instead of completing my second degree I continued to a direct path to third degree. After about 5 years of research, I found out that the major idea of my thesis was already developed elsewhere (a very talented Chinese professor). I decided not to continue my research (also because I didn't really liked the research atmosphere in the university) and to submit my work as a thesis to a second degree. You can have a look at my thesis here.


During my research, I made my living as a programming teacher for first degree students. You can see three examples here, here and here (mostly in Hebrew). I was surprised to find out how much I enjoy teaching. In spite of that fact, when I stopped my research, I decided that being a teacher without any development of my own, is not a good path to choose.

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