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Jan Słupski

Born 1979, still yet student of computer science at Warsaw University. Working. Live in Warsaw, has been in number of European countries, India, United States, Mexico, Russia, Niger. In 2003/2004 spent a year in France (Nancy and Paris). Speak Polish, English (as you may see - not perfectly ;), and absolute minimum of Russian and French.

Would like to see: India (again), Spain, Greece, China, Japan, South America, oh and many more...

My home page:

Currently I'm go-between of Polish Wikitravel.

My own meta projects (at User:JanSlupski/Projects/)

My own projects (at User:JanSlupski/Projects/)

Leave ma a note on User talk:JanSlupski, or if you want to get faster answer
try contact me at

My links:



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