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Me in the Goatse guy's ass
Table Mountain
Tortoises crossing!
Swim with penguins.
Muizenberg beach
Blue Wildebeest
File:RSA Kalk Bay.jpg
Mmh, fresh fish...

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The world is there waiting for us to be discovered, so get your ass moving my friend!


my name is Felix (you might have seen a cat food with the same name on TV...) I have conquered the world (nearly), so now it is time to share my knowledge with you. But be warned. Don't make me angry or I will delete all your posts!!!  ;-))

But for those seeking help (or those, who want to admire me) I always offer a helping hand. So don't hesitate to ask!

I also got a big range of photos from my tours through South Africa and Swaziland.

Before we start with my articles, I would like to invite you to the wonderful world of African aviation. Simply click here =||:-))))))).

And now, have a look at the articles I started (in order of appearence):

But I have contributed to many more articles concerning Southern Africa and uploaded 51 images so far.

Please have a look at the stubs needing attention. Quite a number of African topics are not covered yet, so please contribute something.

If you are interested in the airports in South Africa or you want to go there and need information, please visit my website

Make sure you visit the African Aviation Forum, too!

And of course my African Aviation Links Directory and database.

By the way, if someone got a problem with me, post it at the discussion site.



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