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Niels Elgaard Larsen, [[Copenhagen/Østerbro|Østerbro]], [[Copenhagen]], [[Denmark]]
C588 057B 3397 4205 BB9E  1675 DAC4 BF6D 8F94 3E34
==Use of Pictures==
[[Image:TunisNielsWTs.jpg|right|thumb|400px|Me, in Tunis]]
All pictures on Wikitravel copyrighted by me are cc-sa/GFDL dual licensed.
== About Me ==
[http://www.agol.dk/elgaard agol homepage]
My Username is also Elgaard on Wikipedia [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Elgaard],[http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Elgaard] and Wikimedia Commons [http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Elgaard]
If you want to contact me, email:
  elgaard <at> agol.dk
==Places I have been and contributed to Wikitravel==
* [[Denmark]] where I live
* [[Italy]] from [[Rome]] to [[Napoli]], [[Stia]], [[Montepulciano]], [[Pienza]], [[Casentino]], [[Castiglion Fiorentino]]
* [[Egypt]]: [[Cairo]]
* [[Brazil]]: [[Rio de Janeiro]], [[Sao Paulo]], [[Santos]], [[Paraty]]
* [[Croatia]]: [[Split]], [[Dubrovnik]], [[Hvar]], [[Trogir]]
* [[Ireland]]: [[Dublin]], [[Killarney]], [[Galway]], [[Cork]], [[Doolin]]
* [[Montenegro]]: [[Kotor]] and [[Budva]]
* [[Jordan]]: [[Amman]], [[Petra]], [[Wadi Rum]]
* [[Netherlands]]: [[Assen]], [[Delft]], [[Amsterdam]], [[Utrecht]], [[Friesland]]
* [[Canada]]: [[Brampton]], [[Toronto]], [[Montreal]], [[Nova Scotia]]
* [[Austria]]: [[Vienna]]
* [[Turkey]]: [[Pamukkale]], [[Ephesus]], [[Konya]], [[Cappadocia]]
* [[Svalbard]]
* [[Germany]]: [[Berlin]], [[Flensburg]], [[Oldenburg]]
* [[France]]: [[Paris]]
* [[England]]: [[London]], [[Liverpool]], [[Manchester]]
* [[Greece]]: [[Athens]]
* [[Russia]]: [[Moscow]], [[St Petersburg (Russia)]]
* [[Sweden]]: [[Malmø]],[[Uppsala]], [[Lund]], [[Stockholm]], [[Linkøbing]]
* [[Tunisia]]: [[Tunis]], [[Sidi Bou Said‎]]
* [[United States of America]]: [[Chicago]], [[Lafayette (Indiana)‎]], [[Detroit]], [[New York (city)]], [[Buffalo]]
* [[Poland]]: [[Warsaw]], [[Szczecin]]
* [[Belgium]]: [[Brussels]], [[Bruges]]
* [[Australia]]: [[Eden]]
* [[Switzerland]]: [[Geneva]]
* [[Portugal]]: [[Lissabon]], [[Porto]], [[Sintra]], [[Coimbra]]
* [[Spain]]: [[Barcelona]], [[Salamanca]]
* [[Norway]]: [[Oslo]]
* [[Chile]]:
* [[Argentina]]: [[Buenos Aires]], [[Salta]]
* [[Gambia]] : [[Banjul]]
* [[Thailand]]: [[Chiang Mai]],[[Chiang Rai]]
* [[China]]: [[Shanghai]], [[Hong Kong]], [[Macao]]
* [[Greenland]]: [[Nuuk]], [[Kangerlussuaq]]
==Wikitravel as book==
I managed to make an automatic [http://www.agol.dk/elgaard/Italy_Wikitravel.pdf Wikitravel book for all of Italy]. There is still a lot on the TODO list, but my plane leaves in 9 hours, so I better stop now :-)
It is based on [[User:Mark]]'s mvs and html2ps.
The script is (I changed it to do only Rome by default):
# wtbook
#(c) 2005, Niels Elgaard Larsen
# Licence: GPL
#  Handle dead links
# Unicode
# info box
# make html2ps xrefs work.
my @newdests = ($initDest);
my @donedests = ( );
#my @sorted    = sort @animals;
sub destin {
  my $ldst = shift(@_);
  $ldst =~ s/ /_/ge;
  $ldst =~ s/\'/%27/ge;
##  print "ins $ldst EE args=@_ \n";
  foreach $de (@donedests) {
    if ($de eq $ldst) {
  foreach $de (@newdests) {
    if ($de eq $ldst) {
    push @newdests, $ldst;
while ($dst=pop(@newdests)) {
  print "Doing $dst.wiki\n";
  $getwiki = system("mvs update $dst.wiki");
  $er=open(WF, "$dst.wiki");
  #print "GW = $getwiki er= $er \n";
  ## TODO Other Destinations
  #for Districs Regions
  while (<WF>) {
    if (/== *(|Regions|Cities|Districts) *==/i ) {
      print DIST;
    print x1 $_;
  while (<WF>) {
    if (/\*\[\[([^\]\|]*)/i) {
      #    print "stjYY $1 d2 $2 XX $_\n";
      print "$1\n";
    if ( /^==/ ) {
  push @donedests, $dst;
print "\ndonedests= @donedests\n";
print "newdests= @newdests\n";
#### Print it
# wt2ps is a modified html2ps, hacked to do extra CSS2 tags (like the printing SS) and a few unicodes (euro), fixed /table bug
$dno = 0;
$dlist = "";
foreach $de (@donedests) {
  $dno = $dno +1;
  $dnos = sprintf ("%03d",$dno);
  $of =  "P$dnos$de.ps";
  $of =~ s/\//D/ge;
  if (system("ls $de.wiki")) {
    print "Err $de dead\n";
  } else {
    print "converting to PS http://wikitravel.org/en/$de to P$dnos$de.ps\n";
    $dlist = $dlist . " http://wikitravel.org/en/$de "
print "Destination list is $dlist";
system("wt2ps -D --number  --output $initDest.ps --duplex 1 -H $dlist ");
My modified html2ps i call [[User:Elgaard/wt2ps]]

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