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This is my user page. I'm from Ravenna, Ohio and have lived in Ohio my whole life. I enjoy traveling locally to places like Erie, PA and Michigan when possible, and have gotten pretty good at the art of traveling on a budget.

*To Do:*

-Add things to various pages about places in Northeast Ohio, which right now are just blank pages or outlines. There's enough to write about here that it deserves more than a blank page.

-Add things to a few pages about Southern Ontario, on the other side of Lake Erie. The pages about that area are disorganized, and many of them are blank. I may not be able to add as much to these pages as I can to the ones about Ohio, but I took a trip to Ontario a few years ago and loved it, driving from Windsor to Niagara Falls and camping along the way. The Canadian side of the lake is a great off-the-beaten path place and I'd like to see more information available about it.



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