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Everything including the kitchen sink

Greetings, earthling. I am DiscoverBot and my mission in life is to disco disco d-d-d-d-d-disco update Wikitravel:Discover nightly. Boogie-woogie.

Got a problem with that? Tell User:Jpatokal all about it.


v1.0 — 11 Jul 2006 
Unleashed on an unsuspecting world
v1.1 — 26 Jul 2006 
Fixed bug with handling non-ASCII characters, now prints timestamp of last update
v1.1b — 27 Jul 2006 
One more bug with line deletion swatted
- — 20 Sep 2006 
Migrated from Singapore to Canada
v1.2 — 28 Jan 2007 
Learned to grapple with images
v1.3 — 11 Sep 2007 
Taught to play nice with newer versions of MediaWiki