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Christopher S. Penn is the Chief Technology Officer of the Edvisors Network and web site designer for the more than 130 sites in the Edvisors Network. His most recent focus has been on exploring open source solutions to complex business problems.

He has lived in a number of regions in the United States of America, including:

Overall, he has traveled to 38 of America's 50 states, and two of its protectorates. He is a first-generation American, immigrated from Korea in 1976. Recent travels have been around Massachusetts.

Christopher is proud to be an American, but reminds himself, his countrymen, and travelers around the world of Mark Twain's famous words:

"Loyalty to the country, always. Loyalty to the government, only when it deserves it." Please don't judge every American by the actions of our government. More than half of us didn't vote for it in the last election.

To contribute, consider visiting his latest pet project, Restorative Bodywork.



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