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(Places I've been to)
(Places I've been to)
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: [[Slovenia]]: [[Ljubljana]](2005)
: [[Slovenia]]: [[Ljubljana]](2005)
: [[Spain]]: [[Torremolinos]](2003)
: [[Spain]]: [[Torremolinos]](2003)
: [[Sweden]]: [[Malmö]](2009), [[Stockholm]](2010, 2010 planned), [[Lund]](2010), [[Uppsala]](2010)
: [[Sweden]]: [[Malmö]](2009), [[Stockholm]](2010, 2010), [[Lund]](2010), [[Uppsala]](2010)
: [[Switzerland]]: [[Braunvald]](2009), [[Zürich]](2009)
: [[Switzerland]]: [[Braunvald]](2009), [[Zürich]](2009)
: [[Taiwan]]: [[Taipei]](2011 planned)
: [[Taiwan]]: [[Taipei]](2011), [[Hualien]](2011), [[Taroko Gorge]](2011), [[Eastern Taiwan]](2011), [[Kenting]](2011), [[Liuchiu]](2011), [[Maolin]](2011), [[Chiayi]](2011), [[Alishan]](2011), [[Yushan]](2011), [[Sun Moon Lake]](2011), [[Hehuanshan]](2011)
==Places I'd like to visit==
==Places I'd like to visit==

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is Íslenska er móðurmál þessa notanda.
en-4 This user is able to contribute with a near-native level of English.
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A native of Mývatnssveit(Iceland) currently working on a PhD. in physics in Copenhagen(Denmark). Used to live in Osaka(Japan) from October 2005 until April 2007 as a research student.

Places I've lived in

Denmark: Copenhagen(2009-2010), Lyngby(2010-)
Iceland: Mývatnssveit(1981-1997), Akureyri(1997-2002), Reykjavík(2002-2005, 2007-2009)
Japan: Osaka(2005-2007)

Places I've been to

Canada: Ottawa(2006)
China: Beijing(2006), Guangzhou(2006)
Croatia: Pula(2005), Zagreb(2005)
Denmark: Zealand(2009-), Copenhagen(2006, 2008), Roskilde(2006, 2008, 2009)
England: London(2000, 2002, 2005), Leeds(2005)
France: Paris(2008)
Germany: Berlin(2009), Munich(2010), Hamburg(2010)
Greece(Crete): Chania(2000)
Iceland: All Over(1981-)
Italy: Trieste(2005), Turin(2010)
Japan: Kansai(2005-2007), Tokyo(2005, 2007), Hakone(2007)
Lithuania: Vilnius(2009)
Morocco: Tetouan(2003)
Netherlands: Amsterdam(2010)
Norway: Oslo(2010)
Russia: St. Petersburg(2009)
Slovenia: Ljubljana(2005)
Spain: Torremolinos(2003)
Sweden: Malmö(2009), Stockholm(2010, 2010), Lund(2010), Uppsala(2010)
Switzerland: Braunvald(2009), Zürich(2009)
Taiwan: Taipei(2011), Hualien(2011), Taroko Gorge(2011), Eastern Taiwan(2011), Kenting(2011), Liuchiu(2011), Maolin(2011), Chiayi(2011), Alishan(2011), Yushan(2011), Sun Moon Lake(2011), Hehuanshan(2011)

Places I'd like to visit

North Korea
Eastern Europe
More of Russia
Middle East
More of Asia
South America



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