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UK resident, worldwide traveller, above, below and on the surface (space is beyond my reach...for now). Native English speaker, interestingly illiterate in Chinese, but fluent in gibberish and can somehow manage "two beers please" in most languages. I do most of my fun activities - diving, skiing, sightseeing - far too irregularly for my liking these days.

Countries I've been a tourist in

I've spent a week or more in these countries as part of a holiday, rather than just for work. (There are other countries I've stopped over for a few days in on my way elsewhere, but I'll discount those for now.)

Current Plans

[2011] Tour Ireland with some friends.

[2011] Planning an independent travel package to Namibia with some friends (so any advice would be gratefully accepted).

[2012] Diving in the Maldives

Future Travel Goals

These are listed in no particular order...

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