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*Other sources of folk art beyond those of the Southwestern United States and Russia.  I think we really need an article on this subject; planning to get started on it soon.
*Other sources of folk art beyond those of the Southwestern United States and Russia.  I think we really need an article on this subject; planning to get started on it soon.
==Boca Raton==
I appreciate your response, and yes, I knew I could edit and remove, but since I am new here, but not new at a wiki, I wanted to make sure that this amount of advertising, whould be removed. I think that this amount of restaurants is '''overkill'', and will delete and leave a few for lunch, dinner or a specialty food. The list looks like a telephone book, and has no place on a site like this.  Now that I know, and I will read the link you sent me, I will start editing as many articles as I can find. While I am not a great traveler, I am a good editor and will both edit and add pictures as many areas that need it, as I can find and keep writing on Florida, my home town.  [[User:Flowergirl|Flowergirl]] 14:59, 4 August 2007 (EDT)

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Greetings from Bill Johnson (professional "handle" M. W. Johnson, Ph.D.) in Los Alamos, New Mexico. I use the same user name in Wikipedia, where I contribute articles on New Mexico, classical music, mountains and mountaineering, and chess -- in other words, a lot of the same stuff as here. (Incidentally, Los Alamos is widely known as "The Hill," hence the handle.) I'm 54 years old, married, with two children in college. If you have questions about hiking opportunities in New Mexico or suggestions for WikiTravel articles on the area, drop me a line!

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Taos Ski Valley


Current Projects

Completed (!?) Projects

I reserve the right to go and tinker with these "completed" ones, of course. :-)

Frey Trail (top) and Tyuonyi ruin (bottom) at Bandelier National Monument
  • Bandelier National Monument
  • Bloomington-Normal (Illinois) -- My old stomping grounds many years ago, and worth a little effort as they're on Route 66 which is a trendy "meta-destination." I've started the process of combining the old Bloomington and Normal articles; please feel free to help.
  • Carlsbad Caverns National Park
  • Chama (New Mexico), on the border separating New Mexico and Colorado -- great scenic railroad, and lots of winter sports
  • Española (New Mexico) -- small town, may not get much beyond stub stage, but a useful jumping-off point with one really good restaurant
  • Grants (New Mexico)
  • Los Alamos -- btw, renaming to emphasize "New Mexico" would be OK with me
  • Navajo Nation -- I could still use some help on the "Do" section
  • Sangre de Cristo Mountains -- and another
  • Santa Fe National Forest -- First of several articles on "outdoors" destinations in the Southwest extending beyond national parks
  • Santa Fe (New Mexico) -- The "City Different" can't really be "completed" as a destination, as it's constantly changing, but most of the heavy lifting is done. Note that I've set up a photo page with photographs of this extremely beautiful place, with the intention of using one or more in the article once there's been some discussion; if you particularly like (or dislike) one, please leave a comment in the corresponding discussion page.
  • Taos -- not really "completed," but in reasonable shape until the next visit
Fuller Lodge in Los Alamos

Future Projects

  • Lots of little towns in northern New Mexico, including Farmington and Pojoaque, all of which are waypoints and overnight stays en route to interesting things here even if they're not that exciting themselves
  • I'll also kick in on some destinations in Arizona and Colorado, although my knowledge of these is somewhat more superficial.
  • A possible topical page on Folk Art, to bring some rigor to the hodgepodge of American Indian art mentioned in some of the other pages, and try to encourage other areas with interesting folk art to represent it coherently.

Things where I'm a Docent

Kudos to User:Maj, User:Mark and company for setting up the Wikitravel:Docents feature! I'm taking the liberty of proclaiming myself a Docent for:

If you want info on one of these, for the time being I recommend you simply leave a message on my Talk page, as my e-mail is flaky and I only participate rarely in IRCs.

Things I know enough about to be helpful(?)

I don't think I really qualify as a Docent for these, but I'll still try to add stuff from time to time on them:

Places I've been

(Exclusive of a few in-transit airports)

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument
Watch this space, as it's still a goal of mine to reach all fifty -- yes, including Denali (Alaska).

Places I want to visit

The short answer is "everywhere," of course, but some things at the top of the list:

  • Australia
  • Canada's Atlantic Provinces
  • Iceland, particularly geothermal features and the wild inland
  • New Zealand, ditto
  • The Aleutian Islands, improbably enough, for the same reasons
  • More of Russia, particularly Kamchatka and the volcanoes and geysers there -- detect a pattern here? :-)
  • England and Republic of Ireland to do some genealogical work
  • Antarctica
  • Other sources of folk art beyond those of the Southwestern United States and Russia. I think we really need an article on this subject; planning to get started on it soon.



Destination Docents

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