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US Airways

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US Airways is a major airline based in the United States and alongside United Airlines a key member of the Star Alliance. It is the fifth largest carrier in the US and operates a total mainline fleet of 353 aircraft and 319 regional aircraft. As of December 2008, US Airways employs 33,765 people worldwide and operates 3,130 daily flights (1,312 US Airways Mainline, 1,818 US Airways Express as of December 2008). It is one of the predominant carriers between North America and Europe, and it also offers numerous flights from the US to Canada, The Carribean, Central America, Mexico and soon to be Asia when it inaugurates daily service from Philadelphia to Tel Aviv in 2009 followed by Beijing in 2010.

Key airports

  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) is the airlines official headquarters and a major hub for flights across the United States. Other than just serving the US, it also serves numerous destinations through out Canada and has more destinations through out Mexico than any of US's other hubs. Aside from that, PHX is also the only hub to offer non-stop flights to Alaska and Hawai'i. It is currently US's only hub to not have transatlantic service as well as service to the Carribean and Latin America other than the exception of Mexico.
  • Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is the airlines primary international hub serving more international destination's than any other US hub. The airport also offers numerous destinations through out the East Coast through US Airways Express as well as many other destinations within the continental US.
  • Charlotte/Douglas International Airport (CLT) is the airlines largest hub having more daily departures than any other hub. The airport alongside PHL serves many destinations on the East Coast and within the US while also serving many foreign destinations. It is currently the airlines main Latin America and Carribean hub with more destinations through out Latin America and the Carribean than PHX and PHL.



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