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Twi phrasebook

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Twi Phrasebook

Grammatical points

a as

How are you?/ Wo ho te sen? (Formal) OR εte sen? (Informal) OR Mpɔ mu te sεn? (Optional meaning "How is the insides of your body")

Fine (Informal)

  • Eye
  • "Bɔkɔɔ" (This is optional. Literal meaning is "soft". The "ɔ" is pronounced like "o" is rot, but the "ɔɔ" means that the sound is extended.)

I am fine (Formal)

  • Me ho ye (Literal meaning is "My body is fine")

To be more polite you could say; '''I am fine, thank you'''

  • Me ho ye, me da ase (mi-dah-si)



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