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(Twi Phrasebook)
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''a'' as  
''a'' as  
'''How are you?'''
'''How are you?'''/
''Wo ho te sen?'' (Formal)
''Wo ho te sen?'' (Formal)
OR ''εte sen?'' (Informal)
OR ''εte sen?'' (Informal)

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Twi Phrasebook

Grammatical points

a as

How are you?/ Wo ho te sen? (Formal) OR εte sen? (Informal) OR Mpɔ mu te sεn? (Optional meaning "How is the insides of your body")

Fine (Informal) Eye OR "Bɔkɔɔ" (This is optional. Literal meaning is "soft". The "ɔ" is pronounced like "o" is rot, but the "ɔɔ" means that the sound is extended.)

I am fine (Formal) Me ho ye (Literal meaning is "My body is fine") To be more polite you could say; I am fine, thank you Me ho ye, me da ase (mi-dah-si)



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