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[[File:Aso crater.jpg|100px|right]]
* The volcano [[Mount Aso]] has the '''largest caldera''' (''pictured'') '''in the world'''.
* '''[[Trekking in Nepal]]''' where you can see some of the world's highest mountains, including [[Mount Everest]] ''(picture)''.
* [[Murmansk]] is the '''starting point for ice breaker cruises to the Arctic Sea and the [[North Pole]].'''
* '''[[Retiring abroad]]''' is a common trend these days
* Comics lovers can '''learn more about the early beginning of comics as well as their development''' at the Belgian Comic Strip Center in [[Brussels]].
* '''[[Alexandria to Cape Town by train and bus]]'''- recently added [[List of itineraries|itinerary]] with great content
{{disclaimerbox|Please '''do not''' add items to this template; instead, see [[Wikitravel:Discover]].}}
{{disclaimerbox|Please '''do not''' add items to this template; instead, see [[Wikitravel:Discover]].}}

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Please do not add items to this template; instead, see Wikitravel:Discover.



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