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Tatra Mountains

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The Tatra Mountains [1] or Tatras or Tatra (in Polish and Slovak Tatry, which is a plural proper noun) is a mountain range on the border of Poland and Slovakia, the highest part of the Carpathian Mountains.

The Valley of the Five Polish Lakes, High Tatras


  • West Tatras (pl: Tatry Zachodnie, sk: Západné Tatry)
  • East Tatras (pl: Tatry Wschodnie, sk: Východné Tatry ):
    • High Tatras (pl: Tatry Wysokie)
    • Belianske Tatry (pl: Tatry Bielskie)

Note: The Tatra Mountains do not include the mountain range called Low Tatras (pl: Tatry Niskie, sk: Nízke Tatry). High Tatras (Vysoke Tatry) stretch in the northern part of Slovakia bordering Poland and belong to Carpathian mountain range. High Tatras are divided into three parts Western, High and Belianske Tatras. High Tatras belong to the national park (TANAP) and also are registered in UNESCO because many protected animals and plants occur in High Tatras. High Tatras consist of peaks, mountain lakes and basins. The highest peaks are called Gerlachovsky stit (2655), Krivan (2494), Rysy (2499) and Lomnicky stit (2632m). Gerlachovsky stit is the highest peak in Slovakia rising to 2655m above the sea level. November 2004 a huge storm destroyed a considerable part of the forest and disturbed natural fauna and flora. The trees that used to protect the soil from erosion are gone now and the topsoil is being exposed to rain and erosion. The disaster did not have such catastrophic impact on tourism, and all ski centers, hotels and cottages go on providing their services. To High Tatras indisputably belong Poprad that is a town stretching below High Tatras offering a beautiful town center, various types of accommodation, small air port for tourists and incredible view at High Tatras scenery.




Visiting From the Polish Side

Places to Stay

Throughout the Tatras there are scattered 'Chatas' or Chalets. These mountain chalets are an excellent way to experience the Tatra mountains. A well developed system of trails links the chalets with each other. If you're on the Slovakian side of the mountain range, you might want to take the funicular car from Starý Smokovec up to the first Chata. From there you can follow the trails up into the mountains. Every so often you'll come across a chata, where you can buy food, warm up over a cup of coffee, or even stay the night if there are any vacant beds. It's a good idea to bring along a map of the tatras.

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