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*[[Huancayo]] three hours
*[[Huancayo]] three hours
*[[La Oroya]] is 58km south west of Tarma.
*[[La Oroya]] is 58km south west of Tarma.
*[[Lima]] six hours
*[[Lima]] Bus six hours S/.25.00, Mininvan five hours S/.40.00.
==Get around==
==Get around==

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Tarma is a town in Southern Sierra (more specifically, the department of Junin), Peru. Also known as Santa Ana de la Ribera de Tarma, the Pearl of the Andes and the City of Flowers.


A little over 3000 meters above sea level, Tarma has a lot to offer, ruins, caves, waterfalls and just a short distance to Jungle.

Get in


  • Huancayo three hours
  • La Oroya is 58km south west of Tarma.
  • Lima Bus six hours S/.25.00, Mininvan five hours S/.40.00.

Get around


  • Ancashmarca. Ruins.
  • Carnaval. From the 4th to 9th of March 2011.
  • Cataratas de Bayoz. Waterfalls
  • Catarata del Tirol, (11° 08' 15 S 75° 19' 53 W). Waterfall. Close to San Ramon. (-11.1375,-75.3314)
  • Ducha del Diablo, (11° 10' 21 S 75° 27' 06 W). Very close to Velo de la Novia, another waterfall which can be seen on the road to San Ramon, near the bridge named Pan de Azucar. (-11.1725,-75.4517)
  • Festival of Flowers. September
  • Festival del Huayco tarmeño. November
  • Gruta de Huagapo (Quechua for Cavern that cries), (11º 16' 08 S 75º 47' 04 W). Possibly the largest cave in Peru. There are also ancient paintings here. About 27km from Tarma just past the town of Palcamayo. Take the road towards Junin. (-11.2689,-75.7844)
  • Huachoy. Ruins featuring ancient paintings.
  • Pintismaychay (Guardianes de Mamahuari Huaricolca), (11° 32' 22 S 75° 39' 16 W). Cave featuring ancient paintings. (-11.5394,-75.6544)
  • Plaza de Armas. Features a nice fountain and palms.
  • Santa Ana Cathedral.
  • Santuario Nacional Pampa Hermosa. Tropical/subtropical jungle, waterfalls, Yungas. About 100km from Tarma near San Ramon. Much closer to San Ramon than Tarma but San Ramon doesn't have a wikitravel page yet.
  • Semana Santa. Easter, beautiful floral displays.
  • Tarmatambo (Collcas de Tarmatambo), (11º 28' 36 S 75º 41' 07 W). Stone buildings and terraces. (-11.4767,-75.6853)
  • Yanamarca (Quechua for Black Town), (11° 20' 9 S 75° 41' 45 W). Chanca culture, ruins of a three story building. (-11.3358,-75.6958)



  • Laguna de Cocon. Heading east from Palcamayo there is a trail leading past the ruins of Llaumanpata and onto Laguna de Cocon, about 10km each way.



  • Lo Mejorcito de Tarma, Av. Arequipa 501, Tarma, (064) 31 7329.
  • Salón Odria, Av. Ramón Castilla 512, Tarma, (064) 321411.
  • El Gallito De Oro, Jirón 2 De Mayo, 501, Tarma, (64) 323019.
  • El Pollo Stop, Avenida Ramón Castilla, 512, Tarma, (064) 321411. Has a kids playground and outdoor eating area.
  • Hot N' Tender, Jirón Lima, 730, Tarma, (064) 32 4220. Chicken, Chips, Salad.

Typical dishes

  • Pachamanca
  • Picante de Cuy



Typical drinks

  • Chicha de Jora




  • Aruba, Jirón Moquegua 452, 064 322057. Hot water, private bathrooms, cable TV


  • El Dorado, Jirón Huánuco 488, 064 321914 (), [1]. Continental breakfast, Internet, room service, hot water, private bathrooms, cable TV. These guys also have a good range of tours from S/.30.00 to S/.65.00


  • Municipalidad Provincial de Tarma, [2].


  • Hospital Félix Mayorca Soto, Av. Pacheco 362, Tarma, (064) 32 1401 or (064) 32 1400.

Get out

  • Junin Take the road about 75km north west from Tarma, ascending around 1000 meters, passing Gruta de Huagapo on the way to Junin.
  • San Ramon Take the road about 66km north east from Tarma, descending over 2000 meters into the jungle, passing magnificent waterfalls on the way to San Ramon. San Ramon has an airstrip.

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