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== Get out ==
== Get out ==
== External links==
[[WikiPedia:Tarama, Okinawa]]
[[WikiPedia:Tarama, Okinawa]]

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Tarama (多良間) is one of the Miyako Islands in Okinawa prefecture, Japan.

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  • Yacïkï buduï (八月踊り, roughly pronounced "yachihkih buduih", meaning "August dance"). Every year, at the beginning of eighth month of the traditional calendar, the village has a traditional festival called "Yacïkï buduï" lasting 3 days and 3 nights. All schools and most businesses are closed for the duration. There's also an increased media presence, and anthropologists come to document it as well. Also, many Taramans who are now living off-island return for this festival. The island is basically stretched to its seams for the festival. If you're not interested in the festival, you'll probably want to make sure you're not on Tarama during it. Although there's a lot of drinking, things stay relatively calm, or at least as calm as a festival of this magnitude could ever be.
  • Tarama Village Ethnographic Learning Center (多良間村ふるさと民俗学習館 Tarama-son furusato minzoku gakushukan). Find out more about the history and culture of Tarama. Tel: 0980-79-2223. Open every day except Monday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Discounts for primary and secondary students.


  • Yaeyama Enkendai (八重山遠見台). Location: 多良間村字仲筋1097 (1097 Jinakasu, Terama village). Tel: 0980-79-2674 (not to the tower itself, but rather to the organisation responsible for its maintenance). Because Tarama is very, very, very flat, the highest point is not a geological feature such as a hill or a mountain, but rather a 33m-high structure named "Yaeyama Enkendai" because, on a clear day, if you look west you can see clearly the shoreline of the nearest of the Yaeyama Islands, Ishigaki ("Enkendai" means that it allows you to see way out into the distance). You can also see all of Tarama. You might see Miyako, but other than that you probably won't see much more than open water. Obviously, there aren't any obstructions, so you can see as far as the current visibility conditions permit, in all directions.
  • Hometown Beach Park ().


  • Toshokudo (東食堂). Location: 多良間村字塩川513 (513 Jishiogawa, Terama village). Tel: 0980-79-2621. Serves meals.
  • Giriki (ぎりき). Location: 多良間村字塩川196 (196 Jishiogawa, Terama village). Tel: 0980-79-2280. Izakaya. Serves meals.
  • Toukaama (とうかあま). Location: 多良間村字塩川564-3 (564-3 Jishiogawa, Terama village). Tel: 0980-79-2488. Izakaya. Serves meals.
  • Adan (あだん). Location: 多良間村字塩川528 (528 Jishiogawa, Terama village). Tel: 0980-79-2088. Izakaya. Serves meals.
  • Fuji (ふじ). Location: 多良間村字仲筋56 (56 Jinakasu, Terama village). Tel: 0980-79-2813. Oden only.
  • Mamegahana (豆が花). Location: 多良間村字塩川1687 (1687 Jishiogawa, Terama village). Tel: 0980-79-2025. Snacks only.



  • Chitose Ryokan (ちとせ旅館). Two meals are included. Location: 多良間村字塩川37 (37 Jishiogawa, Terama village). Tel: 0980-79-2332. ¥5600/night.
  • Midoriya Ryokan (みどりや旅館). Two meals are included. Location: 多良間村字塩川142 (142 Jishiogawa, Terama village). Tel: 0980-79-2232.
  • Pension Adan (ペンションあだん). Two meals are included. Location: 多良間村字塩川528 (528 Jishiogawa, Terama village). Tel: 0980-79-2088.
  • Minshuku Marumiya (民宿丸宮). Two meals are included. Location: 多良間村字塩川141 (141 Jishiogawa, Terama village). Tel: 0980-79-2881.

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