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Welsh phrasebook

Is there only me thinks there should be a Welsh phrasebook? I know that English is spoken by most (if not all) Welsh people, be it there first or second language, but I think it would be much appreciated if a traveller to the region could have the odd phrase to use. I suppose it might help in the northwest where Welsh is spoken daily. I don't know a word of Welsh, but if there's someone out there who does and is willing to put in the effort, they should create the Welsh language phrasebook. (I couldn't find one, therefore I assume it doesn't exist).

Sure, I'll help set up a Welsh phrasebook (see Talk on main article). WindHorse 21:45, 30 January 2007 (EST)
Thanks, I'm sure there'll be many (not just me), who will appreciate it ;).

On a related note I have set up Babel Templates for Welsh (cy) if anyone wants to use them. Tarr3n 08:17, 25 July 2008 (EDT)

Work needed

OK, I think this needs some work-- there really ought to be more content than links on a country page like this and I'm pretty sure not all of these links are pointingat articles. I'm going to rip a bunch of it out and move it to a talk page so the hierarchy can get sorted out... can we make some sort of law against having regions _and_ districts _and_ sites _and _cities ;-)? Majnoona 01:12, 31 Jan 2004 (EST)

Districts moved to Talk:Wales/Districts. Majnoona 01:14, 31 Jan 2004 (EST)

So castles and monuments shouldn't have links-- they'll be part of the destination page associated with them. Anyone know which of the links under castles is pointing at a town and not just a site? thanks.Majnoona 01:29, 31 Jan 2004 (EST)

There really is starting to be a large list of small cities on the Wales page now: it definitely seems like it's ready for a level of regions to go in. I'm going to list on Wikitravel:Articles needing attention. Hypatia 05:12, 11 Apr 2005 (EDT)


Hey Paul, Excluding the three cities, there are actually 11 districts in South Wales. See Wikipedia - subdivisions of Wales. Then, when we include the districts of north and mid Wales, we have a list of 19 districts. As stated on the in Wales main article, these districts are already listed under their specific regional page, and I wonder what is the benefit of creating a long, dangling list on the primary page, especially as many of the districts are of little or no interest to travelers. However, if you feel this is of some use, then please change it back. I won't revert again. WindHorse 21 Jan 06

Hi. I've been trying to tidy up North Wales. The main problem (among many) is that the colour coding next to the counties list has extended down the page. I don't have much experience with Wiki Markup so I'd be grateful if someone can show me how to fix this. I know it must be straightforward! Thanks. Tarr3n 6 June 2008. This has now been fixed - thanks to Windhorse. Tarr3n 9 June 2008


I've removed "Millennium Stadium" from the Landmarks- it doesn't merit a mention for it's "Wales wide" significance as a Landmark, (it clearly is not as important as say Harlech Castle, and I'm not sure it's the most important building for a visitor to Wales in Cardiff even!)- however some of the stuff in the description of it was good, so I've put it in the Cardiff entry- the stadium clearly merit's a mention in the Cardiff Landmarks section, although I've updated some of the very outdated stuff. Of course the main thing that goes on in the "Millennium Stadium" is very important- the Six Nations Rugby Tournament- and there's a good section on that under a different heading- so I think the Millennium Stadium bit is superfluous on this page. I also moved it down from no 1 to no 2 in the Cardiff Landmarks hierarchy.



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