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Links need unpacking in this article. That is listings should show addresses and phone numbers so that travelers can print out a guide that is not reliant on following web links.

Another comment: this article is dangerously close in appearance to the yellow pages, rather than a travel guide. Can someone knowledgeable please trim down the listings and add descriptions to the remaining ones. Listings without any description are not of much use to travelers. --Peter Talk 00:28, 15 September 2007 (EDT)
I've done a massive trim of this article - it's always been one of our spammier articles, but the yellowpages list was borderline ridiculous and of almost no use for travel purposes. I've pulled the listings with the least information (just name, or name + address) and tried to add some formatting to a couple of others so that future contributors will have some idea of what they should be adding. As a result the hotel list is probably ten percent of its previous size, and the restaurant list is probably one-third of its previous size. -- Ryan • (talk) • 12:01, 6 March 2010 (EST)



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