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Tønder is a beautiful town located in the southern part of Denmark. Tønder is the oldest market town in Denmark. Today Tønder is a modern town with factories and modern schools. Big company's such as Hartmann, Hydro and Ecco is located in Tønder.

What to do

Tønder Festival One of Europe's biggest folk festivals is held the last weekend of August.



Tønder Hus - Find more information about Tønder Hus here http://www.hoteltoenderhus.dk/microsite/1.php?show=218

Hostrup Hotel - Find more information here http://www.hostrupshotel.dk/

Familien Carstensen (www.sovgodt8.dk)Graensevej, +45 (), [1]. cosy Bed & Breakfast located 3km outside Tønder. Call in advance for pick up service.