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Scotland : South West
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'''South West Scotland''' is in [[Scotland]]. It is that part of Scotland which is south west of the [[Central Belt of Scotland|Central Belt]] and is the closest part of Scotland to [[Northern Ireland]]. 
==Other destinations==
* [[Holy Island]]
==Get around==
* '''Robert Burns''', the famous poet, was born in and has many links to the the region, so there are a number of attractions to see, many of which are in the  Burns National Heritage Park [] in [[Alloway]], [[Ayr (Scotland)|Ayr]] and his later home [[Dumfries]].
* The region is famed for its numerous '''golf''' [] courses (''over 60'').  Indeed, the first Open Championship was held at Old [[Prestwick]] in 1860, with Royal [[Troon]] hosting the 2004 tournament.
==Get out==

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