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Sasak phrasebook

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Sasak belongs to the Bali-Sasak-Sumbawa subgroup and is the primary spoken language on the Indonesian island of Lombok

Phrase list

Pronunciation guide



Common diphthongs

Phrase list

Some phrases in this phrasebook still need to be translated. If you know anything about this language, you can help by plunging forward and translating a phrase.


Helo (informal)
How are you? 
Jekem kembe (Jek-em Kem-be)
Fine, thank you. 
. ( )
What is your name? 
Sae aranm side (Si aram si-de)
My name is ______ . 
Aranka ku (aran-ka ku)
Nice to meet you. 
. ( )
. ( )
Thank you. 
Tampiasih (Tampi Asih)
You're welcome. 
Pade pade . ( )
Aok . ( )
Excuse me. (getting attention
. ( )
Excuse me. (begging pardon
. ( )
I'm sorry. 
. ( )
. ( )
Goodbye (informal
. ( )
How do I say 
Ape eak uninikh (api i-ak u-nin-kah)
I can't speak name of language [well]. 
ndek ku bau base [ ]. ( [ ])
Do you speak English? 
side bau base inggris? ( ?)
Is there someone here who speaks English? 
arak ke dengan sak bau base inggris tini? ( ?)
 ! ( !)
Look out! 
 ! ( !)
bahaye! ( !)
Good morning. 
. ( )
Good evening. 
. ( )
Good night. 
. ( )
Good night (to sleep
. ( )
I don't understand. 
. ( )
Where is the toilet? 
 ? ( ?)
Ape (Apu)
What is today's date (day)? 
Jelo ape nani? (ju-lo ape na-ni)
What are you doing? 
Ape gaurm nani (Apu Ga'wem nani)
What is your name? 
Ai are'm
What would you like? 
M'pa lagi
Where are you going? 
M'be yak'm lai
Where is --- ? 
Embe eak lainm (Em-be Ah ak lai in m)
Where is the toilet? 
Embe taok wc (Em-be ta-ohk wi-ci)
Where is the beach? 
Embe taok pantai (Embe ta-ok pan-te)
Where do you work? 
Ape pegawean side (Apu pugawayan si-du)
Who are you there with? 
Sai kancen te nani (Sai kan-chun tu nani)
How are you? 
Berembeh Kabar? (be-dem-be ka-bar)
How do I say? 
apc eak uninikh (apu e-ak uninkah)
How are you feeling? 
Berembe kaadaanm? (be-rem-be ka'a-da'anm)
How old are you? 
Pire umut side (pir-e umur si-de)
How much is this? 
Pire ajian (pir-e ajin)
Do you have a cigarette? 
Arak ngo dotim (Arak Ngu-Dut-em)
Do you want a cigarette? 
Eakim ngodot (E'a-Am Nu-Dut)
Do you want to eat? 
Meletim magan (Mele-Tum Mangan)
Do you want to drink? 
Meletim Ngenam (Mele-Tum Ngenam)
Do you want to go swimming? 
Eakim kapung side (apu pug-awayan si-du)
Why do you not want to drink? 
Kembeim endek melet ngenam (Kembe-im ndek melet ngenam)
Why will you not shower? 
Kembekim endek daus? (dumbik'em ndek daus)
Are you sure? 
Pacunim (Pachu Num)
I'm hungry. 
Ke lapahikh (Ke-Lapah-Kah)
I'm sick 
jekeng sakit (ja-kung saket)
I'm sorry 
Maaf bae (Ma'af ba'e)
I want the shortest road 
Melekh jalan sak empah (Me-len-kah Ja-lan Sa Em-pah)
I don't want to buy 
Endek keak beli (Ndek ke-ak be-li)
Because I'm shy 
Endekikh Semel(ndek-kah samal)
My name is 
Aranka ku
Nice to meet you 
Demen bedait dait side (du-mon bu-da-it da-it si-de)
No good 
Endek solah (ndek sol-ah)
Very Expensive 
wah kemahalin (wa ke mahal)
Of Course 
Jelas sih! (ju-las si)
Better than nothing 
Dait eak edak (Di-et eak edak)



0 nol 1 skek/saik 2 due 3 telu 4 empat 5 limu 6 enem (nam) 7 pituk 8 baluk 9 siwak 10 sepulu 11 Solas 12 Dueolas 13 Telulas 14 Patolas 15 Limulas 16 Namolas 17 pitukolas 18 balukolas 19 siwakolas 20 Duepulu 21 Duepulu saik (20+1) 22 Duepulu due (20+2) 23 Duepulu telu (20+3) 24 Duepulu empat (20+4) 25 selae << diffrent from other 26 Duepulu enem (20+6) 27 Duepulu pituk (20+7) 28 Duepulu baluk (20+8) 29 Duepulu siwak (20+9) 30 Telupulu 31 Telupulu saik ... 50 seket 100 satus 150 karobelah 200 satak 1000 seribu 2000 due ribu 10000 sepulu ribu (updated 2012 kasurusak)


Clock time




Writing time and date



Bus and train











3 eggs - telu telur

banana - puntiq

no problem - ndek kembe kembe

I - aku, tiang, saya

You - side

Father - amaq

Mother - inaq

Going out - lalo

to - jok

eat - mangan

breakfast - nge-lor

water - aiq

drink - ngi-nem

Go out(from house) - su-gul

House - BaLe

Kiss - Kitcupkow

Arms - Imung

Hair - Bulu

Head - Ulu

Ear - Kunto

Eyes - Matu

Nose - Erwng

Lips - Biwi

Cheek - Saket

Back - Bucock

Legs - Nailampa

Pants - Selanu

Shirt - Galambi

Candle/Lamp - Dila

Glass - jaju kakan

Sarung - Landongkai

This phrasebook is an outline and needs more content. It has an introduction and a template, but there is not enough information present. Please plunge forward and help it grow!



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