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Reunion : Saint-Denis
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Drink the local '''Creole''' and '''European''' Cherry wines at the Restaurants above.
==Get out==
==Get out==
The only way to get out of St Denis fast would be from '''Gillot Airport''' to either France, Australia, Madagascar or Mauritius.
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Saint-Denis is the capital of Reunion Island, which is a French overseas territory.


Get in

St Denis is quite unknown apart from the the French, so the only way to arrive would be from Paris. The way would be to arrive by plane (Air France) to Gillot Airport. This Airport is very far east from St Denis, but is near the north coast of Reunion island.

Get around

Travel around St Denis might be hard due to a handful of roads that were destroyed during 2013 Cyclone Dumille, however most of St Denis has recovered from the the Cyclone and roads are slowly being restored to their former excellence.

Most locals travel by car, motorbike or bus. The best way for a tourist is by bus though it'll probably cost 10 euros or more. Buses in St Denis are found in the City Center which is West of the Airport.


St Denis is filled with buildings and monuments of French, Chinese, Indian and African Architecture some are:

  • La Reunion - A grand Arch decorated in a very Hindu style. (Rue juliette Dodu)
  • Temple Tamoul - Another Indian Construction which (yet again) is amazing, very tall with traditonal Hindu carvings. (Rue Sainte Anne)
  • 13 Jardin de l'Etat 5 - A beautiful garden with a fountain pool that stretches quite far with Palm trees on the sides. (In between Rue Malartic and Rue de la Source).
  • La Paguode Chinoise - A Chinese pagoda shrine, a nice calm atmosphere and lovely to take pictures of!! (Further up Rue Sainte Anne)


St Denis is practically filled up with Centers for Sports and Gymnastics along with Parks and beaches so you'll never really be bored.

  • La Tennis - Enjoy a good game of tennis with a local or friend. This place is a top quality Tennis Court in West St Denis, Avenue de Cilaos.
  • Jardin de L'Etat - Jog around Jardin de L'Etat which is on Rue Poivre.
  • Le Canal - A Center where you can watch Movies. It is on Rue de Sainte Anne. To watch a movie just say the simple phrase (Which means where is the cinema) Ou est le Cinema pronounced oo ay lay cinema.


The best places to shop would be at the shopping centers:

  • Centre Commercial de Carrefour (Rue de souvenirs)
  • Grand Recre (Rue Jules Hermann)
  • La Foir'Fouille (Rue Jules Hermann)
  • Crozetier (Rue de Gymnase)
  • Conforama (Rue Robert Labor)
  • Station Tamoil) (Rue Leopold Rambaud)


Each Restaurants in St Denis all have different cuisine some being Chinese , Indian or maybe French. A few restaurants include:

  • Pizza Une (Rue Monthyon)
  • Le Bangkok (Rue Victor Mac-Aullife)
  • Restaurant Bistrote Portes des Lilas (Rue Labourdonnais)
  • La Bar a Cas (Rue Pasteur)


Drink the local Creole and European Cherry wines at the Restaurants above.

Get out

The only way to get out of St Denis fast would be from Gillot Airport to either France, Australia, Madagascar or Mauritius.



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