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Ontario : Eastern Ontario : Prescott-Russell
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'''Prescott-Russell''' is a county in [[Ontario]], [[Canada]]. It has a population of about 80,000.
'''Prescott-Russell''' [] is a county in [[Eastern Ontario]], [[Canada]]. It has a population of about 80,000.
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==Get out==
==Get out==
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* [ Prescott-Russell Travel Information]

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Prescott-Russell [1] is a county in Eastern Ontario, Canada. It has a population of about 80,000.



In this guide, Prescott-Russell is divided into three main regions. Each of these regions is divided into two sub-regions.

  • South -- Picturesque and vibrant small towns
    • Russell Township -- Living boomtowns full of adventure and wonder
    • The Nation -- Small villages surrounded by forests and rolling hills

Towns and Villages

Prescott-Russell has no true cities. Instead, there are several towns and villages.


The southern portion of Prescott-Russell has many towns, the largest of which is Embrun. Many of the towns in this area are boomtowns.

Russell Township

  • Embrun -- A boomtown in action with numerous things to see and do
  • Russell -- A quaint little town with a village flair

The Nation

  • Limoges -- A town at the edge of the forest with a hamlet atmosphere
  • St. Isidore -- Small village with the feel of an agricultural community
  • Casselman -- Little village with a unique atmosphere


The Northwest has several towns and villages, the largest of which is Rockland.


  • Rockland -- Large town "on the edge".
  • Bourget -- Quaint town just right for birdwatching


  • Alfred -- Growing village with a unique flair
  • Plantagenet -- Atmospheric village filled with wonder
  • Wendover -- Riverside village with a wonderful feel


The Northeast is a beautiful place near the Quebec border. The largest town is Hawkesbury.

Champlain Township

Hawkesbury/East Hawkesbury

  • Hawkesbury -- The largest town in Prescott-Russell still has a rural feel
  • East Hawkesbury -- A township in action consisting of such beautiful places as St. Eugene


Prescott-Russell is a county in Eastern Ontario, a region of Ontario, a province in Canada.

Prescott-Russell is officially called "Prescott and Russell United Counties" or "United Counties of Prescott and Russell" due to the fact that the county was once two seperate counties: Russell County and Prescott County.

While First Nations tribes lived here thousands of years ago, the first European settlements in the area didn't arise until the 1700s, when the village of L'Orignal was built. However, many other villages weren't built up until the 1800s. For example, Embrun, Casselman and Russell were built in the mid-19th century.


In Prescott-Russell as whole, the majority of the people are francophone, but there are many anglophones and many francophones have a good knowledge of English and vice versa. Some towns are predominantly francophone and others anglophone. Here is a list of the towns and which language is most prominent and what percentage of the population speaks that language.

  • South
    • Russell Township
      • Embrun: French (60%).
      • Russell: English (75%).
    • The Nation
      • Limoges: French (70%).
      • St. Isidore: French (75%).
      • Casselman: French (87%).
  • Northwest
    • Clarence-Rockland
      • Rockland: French (60%).
      • Bourget: French (70%).
    • Alfred-Plantagenet:
      • Alfred: French (80%).
      • Plantagenet: French (85%).
      • Wendover: French (70%).
  • Northeast
    • Champlain Township
      • Vankleek Hill: English (55%).
      • L'Orignal: French (80%).
    • Hawkesbury/East Hawkesbury
      • Hawkesbury: French (81%).
      • East Hawkesbury: French (55%).

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