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Poneloya is a beach community 20 km west of the city of Leon through road 42. Mostly visited by local Nicaraguan's through the weekend. Tourist travel peaks from December through March. The language spoken in this town is Spanish, the same as most of Nicaragua.


The name Poneloya means “small seeds” in the indigenous language. The area was originally populated by indigenous groups who still control the transfer of property titles. However, the language spoken in this town is Spanish.

The town is a stretch of beach fronted by a number of restaurants and hotels. Daily temperatures range from 30°C to 40°C.

Get in

The easiest way to reach Poneloya is through the bus terminal “El Mercadito de Sutiaba”, located in the city of Leon. Buses travel to the town every hour.

Get around

The only way to get around Poneloya is by foot or by taxi.


Most people that come to the town are here to enjoy the beaches.

Sea Turtles come to the beach to lay eggs year round with a peak season from September to February.




  • Chepe's Bar, Poneloya, Leon, Nicaragua. With views of the ocean, this is the cleanest restaurant in Poneloya and the only one that processes credit card payments. The food is affordable and of good quality.




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