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==Get out==
==Get out==
==External links==
[[WikiPedia: Peenemünde]]
[[WikiPedia: Peenemünde]]

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Peenemünde is in the state Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Germany.


Peenemünde is the birthplace of rocketry. Unfortunately not much is left.

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  • Visit the historical-technical information center Peenemuende, an interesting museum of the dvelopment of the V2-rocket. Make a round trip by bus to the former launch sites of the V1, going over the airport with its shelters. It is not legally possible to get to the former launch pad of the V2-rockets, the test stand VII. The visit of the ruin of the oxygen plant may be illegal.



Books of the history of Peenemünde and rocket science, e.g. at the gift shop of the historical-technical information center Peenemuende. There are also model rockets available.




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WikiPedia: Peenemünde


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