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This is a [[calendar of events and festivals]] in the month of '''October'''.
* 31st: '''Halloween'''
* Mid October: '''Aruba Music Festival''', [http://www.aruba.com/amf/] in [[Oranjestad]]
* '''Curdimurka Outback Ball''' - on the [[Oodnadatta Track]], [[South Australia]]
* Long weekend: '''This Is Not Art festival''' [http://www.thisisnotart.org/] in [[Newcastle (New South Wales)|Newcastle]]
== [[Canada]] ==
*Second Monday - Thanksgiving.
* 1st: '''National Day''' - anniversary of founding of People's Republic - most people get a one-week holiday
* Early Oct: '''Paris Motor Show'''
* '''Frankfurt Book Fair''' [http://www.buchmesse.de/en/fbf/] - in [[Frankfurt]]
* '''Oktoberfest beer festival''' [http://www.oktoberfest.de/en/] - in [[Munich]]
* Mid Oct: '''Berlin Festival of Lights''', [http://www.city-stiftung-berlin.eu/] - [[Berlin]]
== [[Mexico]] ==
*October 31 - Día de los Muertes (Day of the Dead)
* Late October: '''Oktoberfest''' throughout the country, especially in [[Windhoek]] and [[Swakopmund]]
==[[South Africa]]==
* Early October: '''Aardklop''' [http://www.aardklop.co.za/], a (''mostly [[Afrikaans]]'') national arts festival in [[Potchefstroom]]
* Early October: '''Fish River Canoe Marathon''', [http://www.fishmarathon.org.za/] near [[Cradock]]
* Early October: '''Macufe''' African arts and culture, [http://www.macufe.co.za] in [[Bloemfontein]]
* Mid October: '''Cape Town Flower and Garden Show''', [http://www.capetownflower.com/] in [[Cape Town]]
* Late October: '''Cape Town International Kite Festival''', [http://www.capementalhealth.co.za/kite.htm] at the Zandvlei Picnic Area, [[Muizenberg]]
* 10th: '''Anniversary of the Hsinhai Revolution''', otherwise known as the National Day of the Republic of China
* 23rd: '''Chulalongkorn Day''' (public holiday)
==[[United Kingdom]]==
*  '''Reading Comedy Festival'''. [http://www.readingcomedyfestival.com] - [[Reading]]
* '''Swansea Festival of Music and the Arts''' [http://www.swanseafestival.co.uk] - [[Swansea]]
==[[United States of America]]==
* '''Wings over Houston Air Show''', [http://www.wingsoverhouston.com/] - [[Houston]]
* Early October: '''State Fair of Texas''', [http://www.bigtex.com/] at Fair Park, [[Dallas]]
* Early October: '''Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta''' ,[http://balloonfiesta.com] in [[Albuquerque]]
* Early October: '''Fort Worth Alliance Air Show''', [http://www.allianceairshow.com/] - [[Fort Worth]], [[Texas]]
* '''Fantasy Fest''' [http://www.fantasyfest.net] - [[Key West]], [[Florida]]
* '''Halloween Horror Nights''' [http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com] - [[Orlando]], [[Florida]]
* 2nd Monday on October: '''Columbus Day'''

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