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*'''Sophia Square'''
*'''Sophia Square'''
*'''Monument of the Millennium of Russia'''
*'''Monument of the Millennium of Russia'''
[[ru:Великий Новгород]]
[[wikipedia:Veliky Novgorod]]

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Novgorod The Great is one of the oldest cities in Russia. It was first mentioned in the manuscripts as early as 859.


The city of Novgorod The Great (Novgorod Veliky) is located between Moscow and Saint Petersburg; its population is estimated at 230,000 people; it is one of the most culturally important cities in Russia.


Novgorod was first mentioned in the manuscripts as early as 859. Together with Kiev, Novgorod was a very important cultural, social and economical centre in Rus'.

Get In

By plane

Novgorod Airport (IATA code: NVR) is currently not operational. It was a busy airport during USSR, but then, due to country's economical situation, had to cease its operations. It has reopened in 1998 with a daily flight to Moscow's Sheremetyevo I (on Yak-40 fleet). This charter flight also came to an end in late 1999.

By train

Train is usually the cheapest way of getting to and from Novgorod.

From Saint Petersburg, two trains daily from Moskovskii Vokzal. The seats are not very comfortable, but there is a lot of leg-room space and the windows are there to enjoy the scenery. In between the wagons it is also allowed to smoke.

Train #6905 departs St. Pete at 08:12 and arrives Novgorod 11:54

Train # 801 departs St. Pete at 17:18 and arrives Novgorod 20:33

Train #6906 departs Novgorod at 15:56 and arrives St. Pete 20:59

Train # 802 departs Novgorod at 08:05 and arrives St. Pete 11:25

From Moscow, daily overnight train run from Leningradskii Vokzal and arrive in Novgorod early in the morning. This train is more comfortable, with seats designed for both sitting and sleeping. Personal suites for 2 or 4 are also available.

By bus

Several buses run daily from Saint Petersburg Bus Terminal to Novgorod, with a travel time of about 3.5 hours. Buses to Moscow run only during the summertime, but the trip is way too long and inconvenient.

Get Around

By Bus

Novgorod has both bus and trolleybus systems. Running approximately every 5 minutes, buses and trolleybuses will get you to every part of the city.

By Foot

Novgorod is a walking-friendly city, and if you like long walks, everything in the city is within walking distance. The advantage is also that you have a chance to see the beautiful architecture of the city.


Main Sites

  • Kremlin
  • Sophia Square
  • Monument of the Millennium of Russia