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Schokland [1] is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Netherlands.


Schokland was once an island, but in the Second World War, the Dutch reclaimed the land from the water that surrounded the island, into the Noordoostpolder (North-east polder), and thus also definitively saved Schokland.

Halfway through the nineteenth century the island had had so much to endure by the sea - which took away most of the land of the islet - that the king of the Netherlands ordered its evacuation.

Unfortunately its saviour will also mean its end, as the clay under the now former Island is slowly drying out. The island already lies 1.5 meters lower than it lay in the 1950's.

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At Schokland, which lies around 5 km southeast of Emmeloord, next to the village of Nagele, is a museum. In the museum are changing exhibitions and also a historical exhibition about the life of the former island. Some remnants of prehestoric inhabitants of the island are on display.


From Schokland you can make a small walk or bicycle-tour around the contours of the former island. Especially in the summer this is a nice experience, on the bottom of the former sea, between the grain fields.





There are no lodgings at Schokland, as the site is a protected area. Try Emmeloord or Urk instead.

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  • Another interesting site is the former island of Urk, not far from Schokland. Urk was not evacuated, and the inhabitants have been able to preserve their own character.

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