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Nizhny Tagil

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Earth : Europe : Russia : Urals : Sverdlovsk Oblast : Nizhny Tagil
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Nowadays Nizhny Tagil is the second largest city in Sverdlovk region (after Yekaterinburg). Its population is about 350,000 people. It is situated on the river Tagil which once was chosen by Yermak (perminent Russian traveller and explorer) as the way to the Sibiria. Since its foundation by Antufii Demidov, Nizhny Tagil has been an industrial city and one of the main metallurgical centers in Russia. There are 14 big enterprises that develop metallurgical industry and support each other as different fields of one sphere. They are^ - Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Complex - Ural Carriage Building Complex - Ural Chemical Plastmass Enterprise - and others. Industry develops here greatly and since 2000 many international Arm and Industrial Exhibitions take place here. The most popular of them is the Ural Expo-Arms Exhibition.

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by Alexandra Pannikova (habitant of Nizhny Tagil)



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