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'''Narvik''' is a city in [[Norway]].
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==Get in==
[[Image:Map of Malmbanan (section).png|thumb|324px|Map of Malmbanan]]
Narvik is the terminus of the ''Malmbanan'' railway line from the Swedish towns of [[Kiruna]], [[Gällivare]], [[Boden]] and [[Luleå]], from where you can continue on towards [[Stockholm]] or the Finnish border.  Narvik has no connections to the rest of the Norwegian rail network that ends at Fauske, 150 km south of Narvik. One can travel from Fauske to Narvik by bus [http://www.ofotens-bilruter.no/] [http://www.ofotens-bilruter.no/rute/rute2.asp?id=12]. The trip is quite scenic and takes about 5 hours.
==Get around==
Narvik is a compact city which is easy to navigate. Tourist info and ferry harbor are on the main street, and the railway station is easy to find as well.
If flying in from Oslo Gardemoen to Harstad-Evenes airport west of Narvik, a one-hour bus transit is available right to the town centre.
War Memorial Museum, Cablecar to the top of Fagernesfjellet
There are lots of shops and kiosks on the main street, plus there is one big department store right near the railway station. You'll get everything you need from there.
==Get out==
Express Bus in either direction to Tromsoe and Finnsnes (Northbound) and Fauske (Railway) and Bodoe (Bus, Boats and Airport)(Southbound)
Southbound bus to Fauske/Bodoe daily at 0700 and 1610
The ferry to Svolvaer in [[Lofoten]] leaves the harbor at 15:00. It's a small boat so be there in good time. You can't book tickets in advance - you will pay (350 NOK, 167 if you have ScanRail) once you're on board. Airport Express to Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes (EVE) to Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL).

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