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Garhwal : Mussoorie
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=== Internet ===
=== Internet ===
* '''OM Cyber Cafe''' (Near Bata Company, Kulri, Tel: (+91)-(0135)-2630501) Om has a nice fast connection, and also offers wireless, so you can also bring your own laptop. All systems have headsets for Skype/voice chat 7 all Desk Top are Branded New Compaq. Take Print outs color or black n white
* '''OM Cyber Cafe''' (Near Bata Company, Kulri, Tel: (+91)-(0135)-2630501) Om has a nice fast connection, and also offers wireless, so you can also bring your own laptop. All systems have headsets for Skype/voice chat 7 all Desk Top are Branded New Compaq. Take Print outs color or black n white Send Fax Through Internet
* '''Banaras Cyber Cafe''' (Next to Green Vegetarian restaurant, Kulri, Tel: (+91)-(0135)-2633 703)  Brand spanking new lenovo desktops, lenovo lcd monitors and laser printouts. You can have ur mouth watering biryani @ the Green Vegetarian restaurant mentioned above and come here 2 browse.  
* '''Banaras Cyber Cafe''' (Next to Green Vegetarian restaurant, Kulri, Tel: (+91)-(0135)-2633 703)  Brand spanking new lenovo desktops, lenovo lcd monitors and laser printouts. You can have ur mouth watering biryani @ the Green Vegetarian restaurant mentioned above and come here 2 browse.  

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Mussoorie [1] is a city in Uttarakhand.



Mussoorie with its green hills & varied flora & fauna, is a fascinating hill resort and a fabulous honeymoon spot. Commanding a wonderful view of extensive Himalyan snow ranges to the northeast, & glittering views of the Doon Valley, Roorkee, Saharanpur & Haridwar to the South, the town presents a fairyland atmosphere to the tourists. Its history dates back to 1827 when Captain Young, an adventurous military officer, explored the present site & laid the foundation of this holiday resort which now has few rivals. Mussoorie is famous for its scenic beauty and hectic social life.


At an altitude of over 6000 ft (2000m), Mussoorie is a popular retreat from the heat of the plains. Be prepared for the cold if you come in the Winter (Dec-Feb), when you can expect freezing weather and snow. The monsoon arrives in July and stays through mid-September.

Get in

By bus

Buses leave from Dehradun train station. There are two buses which go to opposite ends of the Mussoorie Mall, Library and Picture Palace. It is quite a hike from one to the other, so make sure you catch the right one. To reach Kempty Falls directly from Dehra Dun catch a bus from the Dehra Dun Railway station Hill Bus Services Section or take a taxi. One should look for buses heading for destinations like Barkot, Nainbagh, Yamunotri, and Purola (Caution:sometimes Purola buses go via Vikas nagar which may take you off the route completely so be careful). You can also take a bus to the Library end of Mussoorie and walk to the Kempty Bus stop and take a bus or taxi or a milkvan or even hitch a ride with a tourist going in that direction!! Bus fee for Library end or Kulri end (from Dehradun) is INR47. Toll Tax is payable on entering Kempty Village per bus/taxi/car/scooter. Bus fare from library end to kempty is around INR15.

By taxi

It is possible to hire a taxi for the trip up to Mussoorie. Rates are Rs 1000 per taxi and Rs 50 extra for the night charges but one can pay per seat as well in a shared taxi which normally accommodates up to five passengers.Shared or chartered taxis too are available near the same Hill Section Bus terminal and the rates are controlled by the taxi union. These rates are generally displayed on a board outside their office.

Mussoorie is just 38 kms from Dehradun and one can reach here by taxis and buses. It takes approximately one and a half hour and Rs 47 for the regular buses to reach Mussoorie. From the Dehradun railway station, taxis charge around Rs 1000. Shared taxis charging a little over Rs 300 per person are also available.

You can also get in to Mussoorie from Delhi by hiring a taxi for up and down journey. It takes approximately 288 k.m. or 6 hrs to reach Mussoorie from Delhi. The roads are too good uptill Muzzarfa Nagar, U.P. Then for about an hr or so the roads are completely pathetic as the roads are being upgraded to 4 way lanes, so expect lot of dust while driving in this stretch. Once you reach Dehradun the roads become better.

By Plane

It is possible to come to Mussoorie by plane. The nearest airport is Dehradun Airport or also known as the Jolly Grant Airport. There are flights from all the major cities in India to Dehradun with a stop over in Delhi. Only if you are travelling from Delhi it is direct flight but if you are coming in from other cities there is a stopover in Delhi. All major airlines like Jet Airways, Spicejet, JetKonnect, AirIndia have daily flights to Dehradun. Mussoorie is just 30kms away from the Dehradun

Get around

For the most part you will want to get around on foot. The Mall is closed to most vehicles up to 10 P.M. and later oo n if you want use your vehicle on that you have to pay a fee of Rs. 100.

By rickshaw

A relatively flat section of the Mall allows a fleet of rickshaws to ply their trade. You can catch a ride from the Library end of the Mall to about the midpoint.

By taxi

Within Mussoorie, taxis are not very useful. If you are heading up to Landour with your luggage, it would be wise to catch a ride. They can also be hired for outings to places such as Kempty Falls or Happy Valley. There are taxi stands at both ends of the Mall. Many locals offer 'taxi' services, and if you are staying longer you will likely find these (slightly cheaper) alternatives.But all the taxies are under a union,so the rates will not vary and one has to hire them through the union office at library end,mall road ,kempty bus stand etc.


  • Lal Tibba. A scenic 5 km uphill walk from Picture Palace to the highest point in Mussoorie. Passes through Landour Bazaar.Old light house is the nice thing to see there. (30.4667435,78.0950534)
  • Kempty Falls - about 15 km from Mussoorie, this now over-built spot is a popular tourist destination. Catch a taxi or a bus from the Library stand. This place is a must see place for tourists coming into Mussorie. There are 2 ways of reaching the falls. 1. By the steps provided nearby or by cable car where you have to pay Rs.80 for the ride going down as well as for coming up the falls. Keep the ticket with you when you come down because the operators will not let you in again to go back on top without the ticket. There is a man-made pool right next to the falls where kids as well as adults can play in the pool. There are many shops near the waterfalls selling swimwear for rent and several clean changing rooms for Ladies and Gents separately. There are many shacks selling food cooked right in front of you like eggs and maggie noodles and paranthas to have while enjoying the scenic beauty. There are also many professional photographers waiting to take your picture and printing it and giving it to you in minutes when you come back from the falls. Beware they charge exhorbitant fees and keep taking pictures of you even if you don't want them to. Be very firm in saying no right at the beginning when you get down from your vehicle.
  • Lake Mist - on the way to Kempty falls 10kms from Mussoorie Lake Mist a nice view is available from this place.
    The Kempty Waterfall
  • Happy Valley - a couple kilometers from the Library end of the Mall, Happy Valley is a 5,000 strong Tibetan settlement. This is a beautiful spot for a short hike. Taxis and possibly bicycle rickshaws ply this route.
  • Dhanaulti - about 28 kms from Mussoorie, this spot is a quiet forest area converted into two Eco parks by the government. Dont miss the forest trails (one inside the Eco Park 2 and the other just outside it). Catch a taxi (approx Rs 1320) from the Library stand.
    Misty Eco Park 1
  • Himalayan Weavers[2], Tel.09759009830- An interesting place on the way to Dhanaulti is Himalayan Weavers which uses natural dyes to produce hand-woven shawls, stoles, scarves and throws of wool, eri silk and pashmina. They have a shop 8 KMs from Mussoorie on the Mussoorie-Dhanaulti Road. They produce high quality hand-made products, popularize the use of environmentally friendly natural dyes and provide a market for craft products made in the Himalayan region. They also have a shop in Rajpur village in Dehradun (0135-2733113)
  • Jawahar Aquarium on mall road, very nice collection of fishes.Entry ticket Rs 25/- only.
  • One can enjoy the trolley ride to GUN HILL to view the spelendid view of all the city and ice capped himalaya. Trolley charge is Rs 55/- for up and down.lots of photographer with the traditional dress are available there
  • Jhari Pani FallsIt is 5kms away from the library bus stand. From Dehradun to Mussoorie, for Jharipani one has to take a right turn 11kms before Mussoorie. Motorable roads are nicely made by govt. to reach the falls from main road. It's a 2-km trek.
  • Company Garden - Its a Govt. initiative, a man made beautiful park with artificial falls and fun rides. From Gun Hill Point rickshaws are available. It costs 120/- per person to-n-fro and the rate is fixed.
  • Bhatta falls - on the way back to Dehradun from Mussoorie nice option to have a look at Bhatta Falls. 2-km trek, 3kms away from Mussoorie. Mussoorie Lake is also another option to relax on the same route. Boating is available there
  • Tibetian Buddhist Temple - Also known as Shedup Choepelling Temple and is located on the Happy Valley road close to the IAS Academy and right behind The Tibetian Homes School. The temple can be visited between 7 am to 5 pm. Mussoorie was the Dalai Lama’s first place of refuge when he fled Tibet, before he was granted land in Dharamshala by then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. There is no proper board or direction given to this monastary but most of the locals know the way very well so its rather better to ask the locals for the exact route. The route to the Temple is also extremely narrow and can be easily missed by the driver if you coming in a big vehicle like Toyota Innova but you can ask the near by shops for the exact location. The view from the temple is breathtaking an beautiful and worth a visit after coming to Mussoorie.
  • Everest House and Point - Visit the former residence of famous surveyor "George Everest". Although the building is abandoned and in a really bad shape it's worth a visit for the nice views (on clear days). Just behind the house a trek goes up to the Everest Point. To reach the house you have to start at Ghandi Chowk following up the road. Some signs point to a place called "Everest Point Restaurant". That's the right way. From there it's another 30 minutes to reach the house. The trek to the top of Everest Point takes another 1/2 hour. From Mussoorie to Everest house it takes at least 1,5 to 2 hours and it's almost all the way paved road. Unfortunately, there is no public transport available. If you get lost on the way try to ask for "George Everest" or "Everest House" or "Everest Point" and make sure the people don't send you to the next "Resthouse". ;-)


  • Cambridge Book Store (Opposite State Bank of India) The oldest Book Shop here, the well-read and well-known owner of the shop is a genial and helpful guy. You can find any type of books and magazines here. Ruskin Bond, the famous writer is a regular here, as well his books which are among the bestsellers!
  • Landour Language School [3] (about 2km above Landour Bazaar) The school offers classes in Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit and the local dialect of Garhwali.
  • FastTrack Gaming Cafe (opposite Clarks Hotel, Mall Road, Tel: 0135-2632154) - while you shop around the mall, your kids can keep themselves occupied playing latest games. Some of the gaming consoles available here are the PlayStation3 and X-Box 360.


  • Antiques and Handicrafts Couple (Classic Emporium, website: www.classic-emporium.com , Phone: +91-135-2632574, Chandok Handicrafts, Phone: +91-135-2631557, e-mail - amandeep_ch@hotmail.com ) of shops on the Mall road offers good candle-stands, lamps, antique british furniture, decoratives, gift items and all kinds of indian handicrafts and porcelain figures.
  • Branded Stores - A variety of branded store like, Reebok, Liberty, Koutons, Music world, PlanetM,Wingsfield,have come up on the main mall road.
  • Wooden Handicrafts - Hilly Cottage Industries(Ropeways Shopping Centre, The Mall Road, Phone: +91-135-2631373) is one of the famous shops on The Mall Road. Here you can choose from a wide variety of wooden walking sticks, hand carved jewelry boxes, magazine racks, wooden bowls & trays and various wooden show pieces.
  • Standard Dry Cleaners, The mall road Mussoorie.

The Walks of Mussoorie - Mussoorie itself offer some walks around the town. On walk you can take from Library point to landhaur Market via camel's back road. It is still free from noise and offer some very beautiful views along with echo-point.

  • Standard Dry Cleaners, The mall road Mussoorie.
  • Vinod's Art & Antiquities, Clock Tower,Landour, 0135-2632801. 10am-6pm. Housed in a heritage building, more than 50 year old enterprise. It houses European artifacts, new antique replicas, Indian traditional Art, Contemporary Art, Reprints of British Indian Art etc.


  • Cafe by the Way, Opposite Clarks Hotel, Kulri. Located on the first floor, this is known for its excellent shakes, coffee, and snacks. Here one can also surf the internet or play games on PS2/PS3 and Xbox. All in all a great and relaxing experience.

  • Green The Mall, Kulri. Known to serve an amazing biryani from locally grown basmati rice makes it a treat to dine here. The Chinese food comes as a close second favourite.
  • Clarks The Mall, Kulri. This multi-cuisine place has a bar and a bakery that are part of the menu.
  • There is an renowned Century Old Sweet Shop in Landour Bazaar by the name OMI SWEET SHOP, serving delicious sweets and other products since 1860.
  • Rice Bowl, Mall Road, Mussoorie. A Chinese and Tibetan food restaurant run by a very friendly Tibetan family. The food is delicious and cheap. This is one of the best place in Uttaranchal for Chinese & Tibetan foods. This place is more than 20 yrs old. I Manish Sarraf and my friends used to visit on weekends when we were studying in Mussoorie in 1989-1993. You will see some rush but can wait for few minutes before you get a seat and enjoy the delicacies. (30.456174,78.078209)
  • Laxmi Mistan at Gandhi Chowk is an amazing local joint which serves lovely paranthas.
  • Uphaar on Mall Road few feet away from Laxmi Mistan is one of the best restaurant for North and South Indian food.
  • Raj Kamal - nice place to dine specially north Indian food. It is located on the mall road near Uphaar. Very well behaved waiters.
  • Madras Cafe at Kulri Bazaar serves piping hot Dosas (spicy crisp vegetarian crepe).

Snack at Lovely Omelets when you walk down Kulri Bazaar.

You would get lovely momos and spring rolls from Nizars momos Centre, situated halfway through Kurli Bazaar.

For homemade peanut butter, you should visit Jyoti Prasad Laxman Das Store.

Casa Mia near to Dominos has a variety of pastries like fruit cream,jelly,lemon tarts,souffles,muffins etc.

Homemade chocolates can be bought from Chick Chocolates.

  • Omi Sweet Shop, Landour Bazaar (200 mtrs ahead of Clock Tower), 2632445 (), [4]. Oldest sweet shop of Uttarakhand. Serving quality sweets from last 151 years. The shop was established in 1860 during the British period. Gulab jamuns, pure chocolate barfi, kalakand, sonhalwa are among the favourites.
  • Panchachuli, The mall, near Cafe Coffee Day, [5]. Panchachuli Women Weavers is a development programme, which facilitates economic and social independence for women in the Indian Himalayas. A wide array of woolen shawls, merino,pashmina etc...is available in a tiny shop.
  • Four Seasons, Kulri Bazar, The Mall (near Picture Palace on the Mall). 9AM-11PM. Great place to have Indian, Chinese and Continental food. It is most famous for its Chinese cuisine and is cherished by the regular tourists as well as the locals. INR 200-500 pp.

  • Kalsang Chinese & Thai Restaurant, near Cafe Coffee Day, nearer to BSNL office. A restaurant that provides authentic Tibetan, Chinese and Thai dishes. This restaurant is run by Tibetan family who is the youngest brother of six sibling

  • Clock Tower Cafe, below Landour Bazaar, on the mall. Very good pizzas. They deliver too -- great when you are stuck in your hotel during a monsoon downpour.
  • Udupi, South & North Indian Restaurant, The Mall, Mussoorie. A very good south & north indian restaurant, good taste......

Cup of coffee

  • Cafe Coffee Day (on the Mall near the Bank of India) If you are craving a real cup of coffee, or even a cappucino, then Cafe Coffee Day is the only place in Mussoorie for you. Boasting not-quite-Western prices, this chain cafe will offer you a brief respite from the surrounding sea of chai.
  • Dominos - In the same building of CCD dominos pizza is also available
  • Cafe By The Way (on the Mall near Dominos)Cafe By The Way is located on the main mall road, in an old British Building. Its rustic architecture gives the cafe a perfect environment to sit and relax. Outdoor seating is also available.


  • MOMOS (KURLI). A new Tibeatean /chinese joint quite reasonable and good food.


  • Hotel Emerald Heights, Camel Back Road. A nature friendly hotel offering rooms and cottage. +91-135-2713826, 2631346 [6]
  • Hotel Dwaper (Opp. Kempty Taxi Stand - 150 mtrs from THE MALL, LIBRARY) Roof Top Parking with Homely Food and good budget rooms. you can call for booking on (0135-2632925, 2630825) & email at mittalashwani@hotmail.com
  • Shiva Continental (Kulri) Near the main mall road away from the daily commotion. Nice food, and good rooms.
  • Hotel Ashoka Continental (The Mall, Library Chowk)Situated in the heart of the City Queen of Hill offers a panoramic view of hills and valley, most enchanting view of sun kissing Shivalik Peaks. Tariff Ranges from INR 1350-2500. Tel : +91-11-42437263-66, Fax : +9111-26133299, E-mail : uhl@uttrakhandhotels.com.
  • Broadway (Kulri Bazaar) Phone: +91 135 634423. Although Broadway is very close to the Mall and all its attractions, it is in a quiet spot (except for the call to prayer from the nearby masjid) overlooking the valley. It offers reasonable rates, and friendly staff.Starting Rs 500 (off season)
  • Country Inn Mussorie Kincreg, Dehradun Tel: (+91)- (0135)-2631 196 Credit cards: not accepted Tariff: Rs 1,150 (non air-conditioned double room), Rs 1,650 (air-conditioned double room), Rs 1,850 (suite)
  • Honeymoon Inn, The Mall, [7], Tel: (+91)-(0135)- 2632 378 Tariff: Rs 1,500 (double room) in off season.
  • H. Grand (near to Honeymoon Inn on the opposite side of the street, opposite to the aquarium) -- its a old (100yrs+) hotel/building, the rooms are huge clean but basic. But the ambiance is great if you like this type. Room rents are super low -- Rs 500 for double room (probably the only type of rooms they have).
  • Avalon Resorts at Gun Hill High end - amazing views and lovely cottages. Friendly service. Pick up and drop from Mall road for a fee.+91-135-2632-892; +91-135-2632-972
  • Nirvan Inn- a 19th century heritage home nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. One can book the entire bungalow for a holiday that will transport you to another time. The house has panoramic views of the Doon valley; an outdoor gazebo where one can sit and enjoy a drink while viewing the sunset. Visit: [8]
  • Hotel Nand Residency, The Mall, Kulri, Mussoorie - 248179 (In the centre of the town, aprox. 60 metres off THE MALL , Opp State Bank Of India), + 91- 135 - 2632088, 2631442, 265929, [9]. checkin: 12 PM; checkout: 10 AM. A host of designer rooms with variety of styles & decor gives you a choice to select the ideal room to match your personal likes and expectations. 3000.
  • Om Gift Emporium, 80 Kulri Bazar Mussoorie, 0135-2630501. Come One Come All For The Latest & New Electronic Toys ,Gifts ,Watches,Belts,Mp3 ,Mp4 etc
  • Hotel Sky Touch Castle (Owner - Satish Kamboj/Divesh Malhotra), 19, Chaman Estate, Near Gandhi Chowk, Mussoorie, Dehradoon (U.K) (hotelskytouchcastle@gmail.com), 07895110199,09557648446. checkin: 10 AM; checkout: 10 AM. This is the newly built hotel in mussoorie top hills.The view of hills from hotel rooms is amazing. It has good facilites like TV, Intercom, Hot Water, Kitchen, Laundry, Wi-fi etc and just 0.75km from gandhi chowk. Go and enjoy.......mussoorie hills. Rs.1500-3000 and Off Season Discount 50% less..
  • Hotel Madhuban Highlands, Brightland Estate, Cherville Road, 0135-2635550. Located on Cherville Road on your way to Kempty Falls and Company Gardens, at a convinient distance of 500 metres from the Library.
  • Doma's Inn, Ivy Cottage Mullingar Hill Landour, Mussoorie (LANDOUR Bazar,), 0135-263-4873, 0135-263-4874, 0135-263-0734, [10]. 1500-6000.
  • Whispering Windows, Mall, Library Bazaar, Mussoorie, , Dehradun, UT 248179 (Mall Road, Mussoorie), 0135 263 2020. checkin: 10 A.M.; checkout: 11.A.M.. Very clean and hygenic rooms for the budget travelers. There are totally 3 floors. Very easy to locate on Mall Rd, Mussoorie. The view of the valley from the top floors are amazing Rs.700 during offseason and Rs 1500 during season.


Mobile phones

One need to provide a Photo ID and a photograph to subscribe for either a postpaid or prepaid mobile phone connection.

  • Vodafone GSM Triband
  • Cellone GSM Triband
  • Airtel GSM Triband
  • idea cellular gsm triband has very good connectivity throughout mussorie


  • OM Cyber Cafe (Near Bata Company, Kulri, Tel: (+91)-(0135)-2630501) Om has a nice fast connection, and also offers wireless, so you can also bring your own laptop. All systems have headsets for Skype/voice chat 7 all Desk Top are Branded New Compaq. Take Print outs color or black n white Send Fax Through Internet
  • Banaras Cyber Cafe (Next to Green Vegetarian restaurant, Kulri, Tel: (+91)-(0135)-2633 703) Brand spanking new lenovo desktops, lenovo lcd monitors and laser printouts. You can have ur mouth watering biryani @ the Green Vegetarian restaurant mentioned above and come here 2 browse.
  • FastTrack Cyber Cafe (Opp. Clarks Hotel, Mall Road, Tel: (+91)-(0135)-2632 154) In addition to all the regular Internet services, you can also copy your pictures on CDs and get them printed as well.
  • Sahney's Internet Cafe (Landour Bazaar near Gurudwara, Tel: (+91)-(0135)-2632 510) Sahney's has a nice fast connection, and also offers wireless, so you can also bring your own laptop. All systems have headsets for Skype/voice chat.

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