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(Clock time)
(Clock time)
Line 160: Line 160:
10:30      saadi dha ghante
10:30      saadi dha ghante
10:45      pave ekra ghante
10:45      pave ikra ghante
11:00      ekra ghante
11:00      ikra ghante
11:15      savai ekra ghante
11:15      savai ikra ghante
11:30      saadi ekra ghante
11:30      saadi ikra ghante
11:45      pavne baara ghante
11:45      pavne baara ghante

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Konkani is the main language of Goa, India.

Pronunciation guide



Common diphthongs

Phrase list


Hello. (informal) 
How are you? 
kaso assa?(male);Kashe assa?(female)
I Am Fine 
Haav Sauki Asa
Fine, thank you. 
bare assa/aaraam assa
What is your name? 
Tuggele naav kithe?
My name is ______ . 
______ . (Mhajhe nav ____)
Nice to meet you. 
. Tumka mell-nu khushi zalli
God Bless You. 
. Dev Bare Koro
You're welcome. 
. ( )
. ( Vhoi/Vai)
. (Na )
Excuse me. (getting attention
(matshe aikta )
Excuse me. (begging pardon
(matshe parat ekda sang )
I'm sorry. 
Makka Maaf Kari
. Yetha Literally- 'Will come again'
Goodbye (informal
. (bare meluya parat kennai )
I can't speak name of language [well]. 
[ ]. (Mhaka [] ulovpak yena)
Do you speak English? 
 ? (Tumi English ulaytat ?)
Is there someone here who speaks English? 
 ? (Hanga konney English ullaitati assat ?)
 ! (madat kar !)
Look out! 
 ! (Palle )
Good morning. 
. (Dis Borem Zavonn )
Good evening. 
. (Sanj Borem Zavonn )
Good night. 
. (Rati Boren Zavonn )
Good night (to sleep
. (Havn Nidata )
I don't understand. 
. ( Mhaka Kallana)
Where is the toilet? 
 ? (Toilet khany asa?)



1 = "Ek"

2 = "Donn"

3 = "Teen"

4 = "Char"

5 = "Panch"

6 = "Sah"

7 = "Saat"

8 = "Aatt"

9 = "Nav"

10 = "Dha"

11 = "eekra"

12 = "Bara"

13 = "Tera"

14 = "Choudah"

15 = "Pandrah"

16 = "Sol-ah"

17 = "Satrah"

18 = "othra"

19 = "EkouNis"

20 = "Vis"


Clock time

1:00 ek ghanto

1:15 savai ek ghanto

1:30 ded ghanto

1:45 pavne doni ghante

2:00 doni ghante

2:15 savai doni ghante

2:30 addech ghante

2:45 pavne teen ghante

3:00 teen ghante

3:15 savai teeni ghante

3:30 sadi teeni ghante

3:45 pavne chari ghante

4:00 chari ghante

4:15 savai chari ghante

4:30 saadi chari ghante

4:45 pave panch ghante

5:00 paanch ghante

5:15 savai paanch ghante

5:30 saadi paanch ghante

5:45 pavne sah ghante

6:00 sah ghante

7:00 saat ghante

7:15 savai saat ghante

7:30 saadi saat ghante

8:00 aath ghante

8:15 savai aath ghante

8:30 saadi aath ghante

8:45 pavne nau ghante

9:00 nau ghante

9:15 savai nau ghante

9:30 saadi nau ghante

9:45 pavne dha ghante

10:00 dha ghante

10:15 savai dha ghante

10:30 saadi dha ghante

10:45 pave ikra ghante

11:00 ikra ghante

11:15 savai ikra ghante

11:30 saadi ikra ghante

11:45 pavne baara ghante

12:00 baara ghante




Writing time and date


Red = "Tambde"

Black = "Kaalle"

White = "Dhavve"

Blue = "Nillo"

Yellow = "Pivllo"

Green = "Pachvo/Harro"


Bus and train





Money- ("Paiso/Duddu") Rupee- ("Rupai")


Meal - Jeavonn

Hot(Temperature)- Hunn Cold-Thand

to Drink- Pivpak/Pivchak

to Eat- Khavpak/Khavchak

I want to eat (Makka Khavpak Zai)


I want a vegetarian meal-(Makka Vegetarian/ Shakahari Jeavonn Zai)

It is too spicy-hot(Taste) - Heh Chadd Tikk assa

I want it less spicy- Makka Unne/Kammi Tikk zai

I want it more spicy- Makka Chadd tikk zai

Milk- Duddh

Water- Udak

Bottled Water- Baatlen udak or Bisleri(Brand)

Fish- Masoli / Nuste

Prawn- sungata

Vegetables- Randhe-kai/bhaji


I do not eat meat- Havn Mavns Khai- na.

I do not eat eggs- Havn tanti Khai-na.

Is this water boiled? (Heh Udak Ukadlale assa?)

Please heat it again- (Chikke parat Hunn Korun Haddta?)

Can I heat milk for a child? -Sann/Lann cheldak- khatri duddh hun korpaco assa.



How Much Is this? ("Hakka Kitle Paiso/duddu?") Reduce the cost to a reasonable amoount- ("Chike Unne Kari Re") I do not want it at this price- ("Makka Hain Mollak nakka") I am going-("Havn Vatta") I have seen this cheaper elsewhere-("Havn Hain unne mollak dusra zageri palleaila") Price-("Moll")



This phrasebook is an outline and needs more content. It has an introduction and a template, but there is not enough information present. Please plunge forward and help it grow!