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'''Karlskrona''' [http://www.karlskrona.se/] is a city in [[Götaland]]. It is home to a Swedish 17th century naval base [http://www.navalcity.org/] and is on the [[UNESCO World Heritage]] list.
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==Get in==
Trains from Copenhagen, Malmö, Kristianstad from the west and from Stockholm, Göteborg, Emmaboda from the north.
Airport Karlskrona-Ronneby approximately 30km from city centre.
Long distance buses from Stockholm and Malmö.
Ferries three times daily from Gdynia, Poland.
==Get around==
Large net of city and country buses. Boats to many islands within the archipelago.
Time tables and info at www.blekingetrafiken.se
'''Bus fares (1 zone):'''
''Adult - 20kr''
''Youth (>19y) - 15kr''
==Get out==

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