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* '''Dragon Boat festival''', in [[China]] and [[Taiwan]]
* '''Dragon Boat festival''', in [[China]] and [[Taiwan]]
* Mid June: '''Midnight Sun Film Festival''', [] in Sodankylä

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This is a calendar of events and festivals in the month of June.



  • 16 June 2007 Escape into the Park [1], Singleton Park, Swansea, UK. An annual pop and dance extravaganza. Capacity 25,000. Mid-day to midnight. £34:50.
  • 19 June 2007 Dragon Boat Festival, Taiwan and Hong Kong



  • Mid June: Midnight Sun Film Festival, [2] in Sodankylä


  • Mid-June: Tiszavirágzás, the natural spectacle of emerging mayflies, happens on the Tisza River


  • 2nd: festival to mark the founding of the Republic (Italian: Festa della Repubblica) in Italy

South Africa

  • Mid June: Comrades Marathon,[3], Durban to Pietermaritzburg (or downhill the other way round on odd numbered years)
  • 16th: Youth day (Public holiday)
  • Late June: National Arts Festival, +27 (0)46 603-1103, ([4]) [5], Grahamstown


  • Late June: Midsummer Solstice (Swedish: Midsommar) celebrations held in Stockholm

United Kingdom

  • Mid June: Isle of Wight Festival, [6] on the Isle of Wight
  • Late June - early July: Wimbledon Tennis Championships [7] in London
  • Late June: Midsummer Solstice Neo-pagans and druids gather at the ancient site of Stonehenge
  • Late June: Glastonbury Festival, [[8] a huge weekend music festival in Glastonbury
  • Late June: Royal Highland Show, [9] in Edinburgh
  • Trooping the Colour, in London
  • Escape into the Park [10], Swansea - one of Europe's largest urban dance and rock festivals.

United States of America

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