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(Vassa / Khao Phansa Day)
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=== Movable dates ===
=== Movable dates ===
* '''[[:WikiPedia:Vassa|Vassa]]''' (in Thailand: Khao Phansa Day)
*[ '''Sound of Frankfurt'''] Open-Air concert in [[Frankfurt]], [[Germany]]
*[ '''Sound of Frankfurt'''] Open-Air concert in [[Frankfurt]], [[Germany]]
* Rock Fest @ [[Portugal]]
* Rock Fest @ [[Portugal]]

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Specific dates

Every year

Fixed dates

  • 1st July: Canada Day, formerly Dominion Day, throughout Canada
  • 4th July: American Independence Day, throughout the USA
  • 6th July-14th July: San Fermín [1], Pamplona, Spain
  • 10th July: Bahamanian Independence Day, throughout the Bahamas
  • 14th July: Bastille Day, the French national day. Because day off work is 14th of July celebrations are often held 13th of July
  • first weekend in July: Winchester Hat Fair, a festival of street theatre in Winchester, England

Movable dates

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