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Lithuania : Jonava
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There is a nightclub „Banga“. The concert hall is in Jonava culture center.
There is a nightclub '''Banga'''. The concert hall is in Jonava culture center.
==Eat and drink==
==Eat and drink==

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Jonava [1] is the 9th largest city in Lithuania with a population around 35,000.


Get in

By train

Trains from major destinations come to the Vilnius Railway Station which links Moscow to Warsaw or Berlin.

By car

Motorways to Ukmergė, Kaunas, Kėdainiai.

By bus

Jonava has a bus station.

Get around

The bus ticket for one time costs about 1.20 Lt. You may also catch a private bus, it is actually a bit faster. There is a 50% discount for the tickets for students and elderly people. If you need get there fast, you may catch a taxi, which may cost 4-5 litas. A regular cab may cost about 28-32 litas.


  • The old town. Some buildings built in 18th-19th centuries.
  • Jonava Šv. apaštalas Jokūbas church. The church of Jonava built in 1793.


There is a nightclub Banga. The concert hall is in Jonava culture center.

Eat and drink

  • Armos Baras, Taikos g. 12.
  • Banga, Kosmonautų g. 1.
  • Geltonas Baras, J. Basanavičiaus g. 6.
  • Jonavos Vara, Kauno g. 17.
  • Makaro Smukle, Turgaus g. 3A.
  • Nijole, Vytauto g. 11.
  • Pavesis, Plento g. 13.
  • Rambynas, Žeimių g. 36.
  • Ūzesys, Žeimių g. 19.

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