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Specific dates


  • 14-26 January 2006: The Mumbai Festival. Sample the vibrant culture of Bombay. The festival covers theatre, sports, fashion, food and shopping.


Every year

Fixed dates


  • 1st: New Years Day (Gregorian calendar) - all night parties and celebrations including fireworks displays in cities and locations worldwide, but especially Western ones


  • 26th: Australia Day in Australia - a public holiday commemorating the arrival of the convict First Fleet in 1788 and the establishment of both the city of Sydney and the colony of New South Wales, celebrated in grand style in Sydney (especially) and country-wide, with public firework displays and home barbeques

Movable dates


  • Late January or early February: Chinese New Year, celebrated in China, Singapore and anywhere where there are large concentrations of Chinese


South Korea

  • Late January or early February: Korean Lunar New Year (Seollal), South Korea


  • Late January or early February: Vietnamese New Year (Tết), Vietnam
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