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*[[Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha]]
*[[Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha]]
*[[São Tomé and Príncipe]]
*[[São Tomé and Príncipe]]
*[[Bioko]] ([[Equatorial Guinea]])
*[[Trindade and Martim Vaz]] ([[Brazil]])
*[[Trindade and Martim Vaz]] ([[Brazil]])

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Sete Cidades twin lakes on São Miguel, Azores

The islands of the Atlantic Ocean are - except for those in one concentrated region - scattered far and wide, with little in common but their relative obscurity.

The most numerous group of islands are the so-called West Indies and their neighbors, located southeast of North America, east of Central America, and north of South America. Although part of the Atlantic, this sea forms its own region: the Caribbean.

The near-polar islands to the far north and south are covered here among the islands of the Arctic Ocean and Southern Ocean.

The remaining islands of the Atlantic run rather intermittently from the southwestern tip of Europe, past West Africa, across the equator, to the open waters of the South Atlantic:

Northern hemisphere

Southern hemisphere

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