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Hitchhiking around the World seems like a crazy idea. Finding a hitchhike to get from one continent to another is difficult, but not impossible.

Notable World Hitchhikers

Kinga and Chopin from Poland. Status: On hiatus as of 2003. Website: www.hitchhiketheworld.com

Ludovic Hubler from France. Status: Still traveling. Website: www.ludovichubler.com

Steve Savage from Australia. Status: Still traveling. Website: www.thesavagefiles.com

Valeri Shanin from Russia. Status: Over 1 million km by hitchhiking. Website: www.msha-club.ru/aboute.htm

Ramon Stoppelenburg from Netherlands. Status: Finished travel in 2003. Website: www.ramonstoppelenburg.com

Juan Pablo Villarino from Argentina. Status: Still traveling. Website: www.acrobatsonline.com

Alexey Vorov from Russia. Status: Over 1 million km by hitchhiking. www.pasl.spb.ru

See tips for hitchhiking for an overview of hitchhiking in several countries.

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